Can i decrease my maximum bid?

  1. Hi, i did a search on this topic, but no results showed, so im posting a new thread about this topic. I was bit crazy and wanted to win LV keepall so i put on maximum bid..which i think is too high.. The seller listed other items and now im more interested in those..:sweatdrop: So i was wondering if i can decrease my maximum bid? Is this possible? I tried cancelling my bid , but i bid on this item prior to the 12 hour period, so my bid cannot be cancelled:push: Any reply would be greately appreciated:smile:
  2. From my knowledge, I don't think you can lower your maximum bid. However, if there aren't any bidders, you won't reach the max bid. The only way you can avoid buying the item is through a bid retraction I'm afraid...
  3. Just email the seller and tell them what you explained to us. Most are more than willing to help you and do have the ability to cancel your bid even tho you cannot. No one wants a non-paying bidder in the end so they should definitely be obliging! Good luck!
  4. If you want to decrease your max. bid, you've to cancel your higher bid but ask your seller first coz seller was entitled to report you if you retract your bid by incorrect reason.