Can I cry? Seller's woe.

  1. I am so frustrated right now I could just cry. In fact, my eyes are welling up.

    I have three authentic Gucci Blondies. Two of them are sitting there like lumps on EBay with little action. I sold the third -- a wonderful black Blondie -- to a three-feedback buyer.

    Darn it! She e-mailed me tonight to say it is a beautiful bag and in great condition but she just doesn't like it. It's bigger than she expected, it's heavier than she expected and the GGs are bigger than she expected. Of course, she wants a refund.

    This is why I hate selling to low-feedback buyers. They don't ask any questions and they think it's like going to a store and they can return at will. Grrrr.

    Anybody else with a tale of woe to share my misery?
  2. Always have a purse policy will be a lil diff from my normal stuff because I will NOT take back returns on lingerie...but you need to make sure you put enough information in the listing. Newbies can be a pita :sad:
  3. oh HELL no. =)

    in my listings i always describe the item to the full extent with a friendly, please ask any questions before bidding.

    and pple always do.

    and the return policy is only if i've misrepresented anything.

    otherwise all sales are final. if you don't have that on your return policy then you best do it now.

    and if you did, then don't refund her, it's an auction, not a store brought good. she got a deal i assume and no tax either!

    hope everything works out for you!
  4. Yes, I am going to have to add a no returns/ask questions now disclaimer. Can you believe it, I have sold lots of stuff on EBay and this is my first return request. I am so irked (especially since I already reinvested the money in a Balenciaga). Sob!

    Oh, by the way, the buyer said she bought two other Guccis on EBay this week and she really liked them. And one of them, I'm quite sure, is a FAKE!
  5. Just because someone does not like something it does not mean you have to give her money back after all you are not a shop. If you gave a good write up on the bag then its up to the buyer to ask questions. I have been trading on ebay for a number of years have 100% feedback but do not give money back for something someone does not like. You should tell her that if she does not like it to resell. Good Luck

  6. I know many sellers who in this paticular case would offer to lend their description AND Photos to the buyer and tell them to resell it.
  7. saich is right. you don't HAVE to refund her back. it's not like it's a question of quality or authenticity.
    it's situations like this that made me add my "no returns unless grossly misrepresented. ask all questions before bidding!"...
    besides, it just sounds like she has buyers remorse.
  8. Aw Ronda I'm sorry! Did you state a return policy in your listing? If so you may not have to refund her.

    I personally still buy things from Ebay that I know I may not like when I see it in person but I never consider asking the seller for a refund just because I don't like it. That is unacceptable to me. I would personally just relist for sale it myself.

    Maybe you should put something in your listings stating no refunds unless the item is not as described or something similar... Good luck!
  9. I am going to refund this buyer because a) I'm a sucker and b) I didn't list a return policy. But you bet your boots I will from now on!
  10. Don't do it! Unless you specifically state that you offer refunds you are under no obligation to do so. At least make her pay for shipping, PayPal and ebay listing fees.
  11. Times are hard for sellers thesedays, especially if you are selling with the expectation of recouping a certain amount of your original spending.

    That's why I only sell stuff that's otherwise wasting away and collecting dust, and thus don't mind very much if I undersell. But of course, now I have a buyer whom I haven't had a peep from in 4 days. :crybaby: And she has perfect feedback in the mid 200s since 2001, so you can't even say she's a newbie!
  12. If you just email her and say that you put everything in your listing and you do not give returns on items the buyer does not like. Say she can always resell. The buyer does not have a leg to stand on ebay would surport you. It is different if the item is fake or their is something not in the listing. The thing is this person next time she bids on something will think she can do the same thing if she does not like the item. All bids are final and I have to agree with the other post we have all bought things we do not like when they arrive but would not dream of asking the seller for the money back.
  13. If you do, you should only refund minus your listing fees and shipping. And who knows, maybe next time you get a better price. :rolleyes:
  14. I don't accept returns and I always state that All my sales are final. I also state that I have the right to cancel a bid if I need to. I always check on the bidder's feedback to see if they have history of buying items similar to mine (like expensive designer handbags). May I ask how much did she pay for your bag? I pretty sure she feels guilty because she ended up paying more than she wanted to. I'm pretty sure that she likes the purse but she realized she can't afford it!
  15. She paid $550 for it, which I think was a good deal for a genuine Gucci Blondie in immaculate condition.