Can I confess?

  1. To my latest purchases? There's no way I can tell anyone else without risking being committed :p

    Last week was the Large Turquoise Ergo (partly funded by my boyfriend) and the pig charm.

    Yesterday I had this *need* to go back to the store to look. Walked away with this
    and the Pond Legacy shoulder bag (had to order it!)

    They gave me a sample of the perfume yesterday and I loved it! So, today I went back again and bought the gorgeous bottle of perfume, the pink Ergo keychain (too stinkin' cute!!!) and ordered the pond 1/2" bangle!

    Out of control!! I *may* return the pouch but I'm dying to get my pond bag!
  2. Sounds like some awesome purchases! I can't wait to see pics! You'll have to do a group shot once you get it all :o)
  3. Nice purchases!
    Can't wait to see them!
  4. Congrats! The pond is so pretty. Sounds like you are on a roll!
  5. Awesome stuff. I love that pond color and I can't wait to see pics.
  6. Congrats!
  7. Congratulations, you're on a roll! All very good choices.
  8. great choices!
  9. Congrats, sounds like you got some great stuff!
  10. congrats!

  11. Girl you aren't crazy. I bought two demi bags, two mini skinnies, 3 scarves, 3 keychains/charms and a wallet in 3 days then a week later I bought two more bags. All from Coach. I think it just has that effect on some people! I feel your pain! LOL. BEAUTIFUL choices by the way!:yes:
  12. Great choices. Im jealous.. I can't wait to see your pics
  13. those purchases sound gorgeous! now, I'm excited for you hehehehe.

    i want a pond bag!!! (maybe sunday? maybe) ;)
  14. This is the exact reason we have this message board. To share with other women who completly understand when COACH gets under your skin and you are completely helpless to that fact. :smile:

    Your purchases all sound fabulous! I can't wait to see a picture. I adore the Top Handle Pouch though. It's beautiful!
  15. Congrats...loving the Legacy Handle Pouch! Can't wait to see pictures of your Pond Legacy Shoulder Bag.