Can I Collonil when it's below freezing?

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  1. It's been sooooo cold pretty much since Roxy arrived at the beginning of January, and the times that it's above freezing always seem to be during the week while I'm at work!

    Do you think I should just hold off on Collonil'ing until the weather gets warmer? I'm afraid that I'll take her outside to spray her and the Collonil will freeze on the bag when it comes out or do something else horrible...

    Warm weather, where are youuuu? At the end of last week our high didn't go above 20, and the low averaged 3 (about -7 and -16 respectively, for my ladies across the pond)! Yuck.
  2. Can't you Collonil Roxy indoors? It's better outdoors as the stuff sure does stink but I've done a couple of mine inside.
  3. I really need to do a better job of keeping up with threads!

    I'd rather not do it indoors because I have pet chinchilla, and I wouldn't want his respiratory system to be affected (they're such small animals!)

    Lucky for me, the weather has gotten much warmer, so hopefully she'll get Collonil'ed today :smile:
  4. Oh poor doggie, no, might not be a good idea, might make him keel over!
  5. LOL! He's not a doggie:smile: And, I am NOT laughing at you, sara, I'm laughing because he's got quite the personality, and sometimes you would think he's as big as a dog with the way he acts!

    I don't have a picture of him right now, as I'm at work, but here's some pics of chinchillas:
  6. Oh how cute are Chinchillas :heart:

    Yours sounds like an absolute sweetheart!

    Did you manage to get your bag sprayed today?