Can I carry tote bag on the shoulder?

  1. that's really pretty. sorry i can't help tho. i'm not a shoulder bag person, so i tend to carry all my tote styles strictly as hand/arm bags.
  2. The description says that there is a 9" strap drop length. I guess it really depends on what size person you are. You could try measuring the drop length on one of your current bags to see what is comfortable for you.
  3. Oh think you could!
  4. ps that's a beautiful bag. :heart::heart::heart:I almost bought the scarf print instead of the denim.
  5. Yes, I have the smaller scarf print tote and I carry it on my shoulder with no problems at all.
  6. I have the smaller denim 11179 tote and I carry it on my is VERY comfy!!! Good luck and let us know when you get it!!!!
  7. You can carry it on your shoulder. Nice bag!
  8. Im about 5ft.
  9. I'm 5'2" will be fine w/'s a NICE, comfy, lightweight bag! You wont even know you are carrying it!!!!!
  10. With a 9 inch drop, that can be carried comfortably on your shoulder. ENJOY!!
  11. i'm 5'2'' and i tried it in the store. it can TOTALLY fit on my shoulder, so you should fine.
  12. Really tks on the heads start with pics!

    It really helps! You gals are right, it'll fit! Yeah!