Can I carry the Leigh in Citron in the Winter?

  1. So I really like the Legacy Leigh in the citron color and want to get it for PCE. If I spend that much on a bag (and this will be a big splurge for me) I will want to carry it as much as possible! I love bright colors, and my favorite color is yellow, but will I look weird carrying a yellow bag in the winter? I live in the DC area, so not a warm climate.

    It looks good in whiskey, but I already have the Legacy pouch in that color, so I wouldn't want something similar. I carry it all the time, too. I also already have a few black bags, so I don't want it in black either. Or camel.

    I really wish I could get it in the raisin - does anyone know if you can order that color yet? :confused1:

    I guess if I don't get this bag, I will get the ergo buckled magazine tote in plum. I'm so torn! I love the Leigh, though. Any suggestions?
  2. I really like the Citron color the best on this bag and and you can absolutely wear that in any season. However, if it's not a color that you really love and you feel like you're talking yourself into it (for lack of a better available color), then maybe it's not the right bag for you to splurge on.

    But I wouldn't worry about certain colors not working in the winter. Only stark white might stand out too much if you tend to wear dark colors in the fall/winter, but even a nice winter white, which is a little more subtle, would be very pretty all winter long.

    So if you love the color and are just trying to alleviate any concerns, I say go for it. If you're trying to convince yourself that this would be a good color, then I say try another color or another bag that comes in a color you prefer. I think the Citron is really the stand-out color for this bag, though.
  3. Citron isn't a bright or pastel spring yellow, it's mellow and warm. I would not be afraid to use it in winter, think of all the rich warm colors it will look good against!
  4. Thanks, guys, this is exactly what I needed to hear! I love the leigh in the citron and just needed some reassurance, I guess. I can't wait to get it :smile:
  5. Have you seen the citron IRL? I really loved it from the photos on the web site, but when I saw it in the store I didn't like it nearly as well. I do agree that it is a year-round color.
  6. The Leigh Bag will be available in raisin on September 28th. I plan on getting it then. You can always buy the Citron for the PCE and then swap it out later if you decide you prefer the raisin. Good luck deciding.
  7. That's a good idea, Liz. As long as the tags are on it (and it's not used) can you do an even exchange after the PCE is over?
  8. ooh, what's the raisin color like? Is it available in other items?

  9. You should be able to do an even exchange when the PCE is over. Ask your Sales Associate at Coach if you can do this.
    I have the Leigh bag in black brand new with tags and I am swapping it out for the raisin color on October 1st. I understand that the raisin color is a deep purply/brownish color. It should be pretty.
  10. The raisin color is supposed to be a purply brown color. I don't know that anything else is coming out in the color yet but perhaps down the line.

  11. my citron flap is coming tomorrow, fingers crossed and I live in the tundra of minnesota. i plan on carrying this during the winter. i have a red wool peacoat that it will look good with i hope as well as black jackets.
  12. Thanks so much for the help. I placed my order yesterday evening and my sales associate was super nice and did confirm that I could swap it out for the raisin, if I want to. Thanks for the suggestion, Liz!

    I haven't seen the citron in person, and they didn't have one in the store, so I'm anxious to get it - hopefully Friday. She said it was more of a greenish-yellow, which is what I'm hoping for, but not what I've heard on the forum. I'll have to post pics when I get my order.

    Dawnya00, I bet it will be really pretty with your red coat. I have a red peacoat, too, and I didn’t even think about that! Great idea :smile:
  13. I think that it will be great for the winter. Hey, hopefully we will be twins:lol: