Can I carry one brand of wallet in a bag of another brand?

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  1. I'm new to designer bags/wallets. I really want to get a Michael Kors Large Hamilton (black) and I also want a Marc Jacobs Zippy wallet. Will that look tacky? Should I just get a Michael Kors Continental wallet just for continuity? I honestly do like the Marc Jacobs wallet better, but I feel like it may look tacky. Opinions? I'm 21 by the way.
  2. I don't think your wallet brand needs to match your bag. I've seen plenty of people mix and match. Buy what makes you happy :smile:
  3. :lol: I'm sorry, but is this serious? I'm really not trying to be mean. But you don't feel the need to wear same brand for tops and bottoms do you? Same premise here. I carry whatever wallet with whatever bag, and 90% of people don't even notice wallets.
  4. Haha I'm very OCD about my stuff. I figure if I'm spending a lot of money on bags and wallets (I've never bought one) I want them to coincide.
  5. Absolutely you don't have to match your wallet and bag, personally I do because I am anal and OCD but it's by no means a rule :lol:
  6. No one would ever notice...I carry many different wallets that don't match my bags. It's costly enough to pay for the bag without worrying about spending another $500 for a wallet to match!
  7. Why not?
  8. Yep, why not?
  9. Not tacky at all! I mix and match my wallets and bags all the time. Makes it more fun and interesting than being matchy-matchy. :smile: I don't think people really notice either.
  10. I don't like to be matchy matchy so i mix and match all the time!!! It's more fun!
  11. it's YOUR bag and YOUR wallet - buy what you love and carry what you love --- match it, mix it, it's your choice...
  12. Yes you can. Haha this made me laugh though because my husband and I have a joke when we see people wearing two different competing brands at the same time that make the same thing and say were going to give them a "what the fu@k" ticket. Like all Nike workout gear but wearing Reeboks.

    My bags and wallet are never the same brand or color though. Maybe I should start buying a new wallet every time I get a new bag and use that excuse though. :smile:
  13. Just do as you feel - I say pick the best of both worlds, as in pick a bag you love and a wallet you love, if you feel like mixing it up, then do so. 99,9% of people will not look down on you, and the ones that they really matter? It's your bag, your wallet, as long as you like them, it's all that matters in the end. :smile:

    I look at my bags and my SLG as separate objects - the only thing that limits my choices are the size and occasion. I can't fit a large wallet in a small bag and on the other hand it doesn't make much sense to carry a huge bag and have a tiny wallet I'll never find in the depths. Besides the forementioned limitations, I just go with the flow and rotate how I happen to feel that day. If someone else does not agree with my choices then it's their problem, not mine. The only way they can have the right to complain is for them to buy me a matching bag and wallet and tell me not to mix them! I might be able to live with that... :P
  14. I mix & match, I gotta have variety :smile:
  15. Of course. I do all the time. That way you can have two brands you live at once.