Can I carry off an H Bag????Curly hair et all??

  1. Dont know about you , but i have mad curly hair and i am a little overweight. sometimes i feel like i am not chic enough to carry high end designer H bags.
    My sweet sister is slimmer and she has a very chic , sleek bob style and she always gets good comments about her hair!! Pepole think she is sopisticated.
    It seems the only people who compliments me are the older bunch , who are loosing their hair!!!!:crybaby:

    Do you think you have to project a certain image for H bags??
  2. gosh i hope not. i'm a little (or more) overweight too and i think i rock my massai. i think it's all about how you carry yourself. if you're confident then no matter what your hair looks like or what you wear you can carry off anything!
  3. i happen to LOVE curly hair btw. comes from years of stick straight hair. now it's wavy but i had years of perms and bodywaves (thank you 1980s!). for years every time i would get my hair done for an event i would have them do curls but i finally realized it looked silly on me- i just ended up looking like shirley temple with heavily hairsprayed hair (the only way to get it to stay). i say embrace the curl!
  4. I hope not... I live in jean skirts and zipped up sweat jackets and own about 50 pairs of Nikes. A H bag is elegant, but it is also meant to be practical and to be used.
  5. I have curly hair too, RAZ. I hated it all my life but about 5-years ago suddenly and from out of the blue, I began to LOVE it! I let it grow and let it do it's thing (I DO use taming gel otherwise I'd look like Bozo) and now at 50 years I can't imagine myself with anything BUT what I have!

    So, YES you can have mad, curly hair and still carry any Hermes bag that rocks your world. Do it! Life is too short to worry about anything but living it to the fullest and in the best way you can!!!!!
  6. hlfinn, i love curls on every one else, however my mad curls always lend a a tone of casual to my outfit. i love tailored clothes!!! The only thing slim about me, is my hips, so i look great in trousers
    Sometimes i want to look sophisticated, Dang, my hair. i had it chemically straightened, it wrecked it. the only way forward for me is my curls. But they sure arent sophisticated
  7. My sister is perfectly gorgeous. dark (mediterrainean genes) hair and skin. Beautiful swan like neck (perfect for H scarves)
    I am a throwback!!!! pale, freckles and mad curly hair.
    Does this seem a bit mean, but i am keeping anything H, a secret from her (she always steals my thunder) She is only 11 months younger than me!!!!
  8. Raz, of course you can rock an H!! My hair is neither curly nor straight. It is inbetween frizz. i don't let it stop me! ;)
  9. I have silky straight hair and I would give anything (except my Birkin, of course) for even a teeny bit of a wave! Curly or straight...doesn't matter....Hermes shows no!!! I'm sure you can wear H in style!!!
  10. Of course you can wear Hermes! I have madly curly hair, and love it. I am also a bit (okay, a lot) zaftig - curvy and voluptuous, we like to say, and I'm just over 50 and I think Hermes and I go very well together. I also think my curly hair gives me a look of "lots of fun" rather than "very serious." Since I have a somewhat serious mind, I have grown to really appreciate that.

    Real chic is about individuality, a relation of your wonderful inner self to the outside world. It isn't what you have, it's what you choose to do with it.

    The first 25 years of my life, my hair was beautiful, but a trial. I mean, I slept in rollers! Then my first husband, bless his pointed head, told me, "I am going to free you from your hair." And so he sent me to one of the top stylists on the west coast. I about died when I saw the bill, even though he was paying. And it turned out he was right! So the second 25 years, of my life I have had wonderful, flattering hair that is not just chic but pretty easy to care for. (Oh, and somewhere in there, a really nice second husband.)

    If you are pale with freckles and curly hair, I'll bet you are just adorable! What the French call "gamine." So get a great haircut, develop an insouciant air, read newspapers and a good book or two for some insouciant conversation, and you GO, GIRL!!!

    (Oh, and don't get me started about my dear mother - thin and elegant to the end of her life. Patrician looks and dignified manner. She even looked chic in a hospital gown, and on the geriatric ward the male patients were flocking to her like flies to honey. Need I mention, I take after my father?)
  11. Get a bag, then you'll see. All will be just fine...:yes:
  12. It's all in your attitude!
  13. I have lots of attitude. Freckles, dimples and fair skin, is alot to deal with!!!
  14. Hey, raz96, it sounds like you're lots of fun! I agree with asa - get a bag, and see what happens!
  15. Wow, I'm fitting the same description as a lot of you ladies! I hate to say this but in a way I was glad my brother went to the stores and got my Birkin because I don't look like the "type" and did fear some negativity.