can i cancel bids from buyers with 0 feedback?

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  1. So the story goes that this guy wanted to buy my laptop, below market value outside of ebay, i told him NO. he reports me, i win. but now my other auction is about to end i dont want HIM buying it under a new name to leave me negative feedback. because he expressed that he was "very angry, and not finished"

    that said i dont have time in my auction to edit it (just a few hours left). but i have gotten suddenly lots of action from bidders with zero feedback.

    ugh. i want to block them because they might be him or his other other accounts, but i dont know if i can without revising the listing which it is not letting me do.

    to be scammed or not be scammed
  2. eBay help says that you can cancel bids if you can't verify a bidder's identity. I suppose that could qualify in this case.
  3. You can just let the auction end since there is no revising it...and then cancel the transaction if it's not a legit buyer. You'll get your fees back. If it happens to be the crazy guy and he leaves an unwarranted neg, I'm sure you can get ebay to remove it since you have already been in contact with them about this guy. He will get himself naru'd if he keeps doing things like that.

    ETA- I would also have ebay check ALL of the zero FB IDs to see if they are from the same IP address...if they can do that. If it's that guy he probably wouldn't use real names.
  4. You might want to consider ending the listing if you can. Then you can block him as a bidder. You will be out your listing fees but will have peace of mind and no worries of him buying from you
  5. He said that? That is a threat. People are is not that serious, move on to the next auction loser. I can totally understand your fears because he sounds vindictive.
  6. You can cancel anyone's bids if you wish to. I'd just cancel 0 feedback people's bids manually. I'd also block this buyer from bidding on your stuff.

  7. yeah he did. yes he is crazy.

    i have blocked him from bidding on the auction. but the zero feedback user never won, but he made a good try!

    i am definitely going to state in my auction that 0 zero feedback users have to contact me before bidding in any auctions i might have in the future!
  8. i will contact ebay, but i dont think they will do anything, i won the dispute this guy started against me but nothing happened to him.
  9. I put this in my auctions and they NEVER seem to read this. I have yet to be contacted by a zero FB bidder for approval. *sigh*

    The guy threatened you and you suspect that all the zero FB IDs could be his. All you need is another email to make an ID, so blocking his ONE ID won't stop him. He probably got a strike on his account if anything, so if you complain again with another issue, then that could possibly count as another strike.
  10. Well, if you put the term in your future auction that zero feedback user have to contact before bid, and a zero feedback that won your auction gave you a problem, you have a strong case with eBay, that this problematic buyer not met one of your bidding requirement.
    I know most of these zero feedback will bid anyway without reading your TOS, but some of them will e-mail you, and some of them turned out to be excellent buyers.
  11. just an FYI, you can set up all of your auctions in your settings in your account to never allow anyone with a feedback rating lower than whatever you designate to bid/buy. if they do, they will get prompted from ebay stating that seller does not allow buyers with a feedback rating of ..... to bid. you can also have it set up that anybody with NPB on their history also cannot bid.

    you should check it out. there's so much you can designate without having to worry about canceling their bids and angry bidders.

    good luck!
  12. the bad thing with this is even though ebay will remove the negative rating, the feedback itself is still there in your feedback, which imo, still looks horrible. i hate that ebay doesn't permanently remove the feedback, but just the rating.
  13. Correct, I have set every thing, blocked almost everything, almost no one can bid my items- lol, but unfortunately you CAN NOT block zero feedback (I know, I know, someone must start somewhere, we all zero feedback once)
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