Can I buy sunglass case at Coach?

  1. I lost mine and I was wondering if Coach sells any? Or is it only with the purchase of the sunglasses?
  2. The hard cases only come with the sunglasses, unfortunately.

    I know the outlet had some soft glasses cases, but they aren't big enough for sunglasses I don't think.
  3. I would go into a store and ask. You never know when they may have a pair that is damaged that they may be able to give away the case or something.
  4. I've seen them on eBay just a few days ago.
  5. Ohhh good idea! I'm going to go search eBay now! :smile:
  6. I called coach b/c the same thing happened to me. I called the 1-800 number with the intention of ordering a new case. When I called the lady said I could get it for free, a one time thing. Apparently they dont actually sell them. She even asked which sunglasses they were so that she would be sure to send me the right case- so nice!
  7. Wow thats very cool! Thanks for finding that out glamgirl84!
  8. Yeah, we never sold them in the stores :smile: But if you lose or damage yours and call JAX they'll replace it once for you, and there is always eBay.
  9. Oh, cool -thanks for the info - I have a pair that the case was lost for as well! Will call them tomorrow.