Can I buy MC pochette's strap separately?

  1. It's so sad that my MC pochette's strap has been terribly destroyed by my friend's dog:crybaby: . I need to replace it but I don't know if I can get it at LV boutique or not:confused1: . Do they sell the strap alone?
  2. yes they sell the strap for pochette, I think it's around $60 (I could be wrong rgd the price)

    sorry about your strap..
  3. Oh, thank you! I feel relieved now:yahoo: It takes me 5hrs to the nearest LV boutique but I don't mind:shame:
  4. call 866 num. the MC pochette strap is like 120

  5. Duh....I forgot it's for MC not for mono pochette..have to be double in price due to the studs:yes:
  6. Um with the prices of gas it would probably be cheaper to have them ship it to ya! LOL Ship yours there and back for cheaper-surely! Although I have an SAV so it guzzles gas!
  7. Thanks ladies!:love: and yeah, I should call them asking for shipping the strap:yes: