Can I buy an authentic CHI flat iron on eBay?

  1. I'm afraid of buying fakes but I'm looking for both a flat iron and a blow dryer... I know that they're worth but money but I'm not looking to spend $350.00 at my local salon for that if I can find a deal. :smile:
  2. this is just a suggestion, but why not a GHD flat iron instead? some girls here have said that CHI is frying their hair (haven't tried it myself though). I have tried GHD and I know from experience that it won't fry your hair, instead, it will make it soft and smooth.
  3. ^^ I agree. Also, check out - they are an authorized seller and your warranty will be protected.
  4. I would be wary of eBay.
  5. If you can go with the GHD iron, I have a CHI and I have had it for about 2 years now and although it was alright, when I got my new GHD iron I was amazed with the difference. I got the GHD off eBay from a reputable seller that i checked into thoroughly, If you want their ID PM me, I paid $180 incl. shipping for it brand new.
  6. I got my boyfriend's mom a CHI for Christmas. I know it's legit and all because my family owns a bunch. (Sister, mom, etc.)

    We bought it from, used a $5 off code, and used Google checkout, got free shipping. Total was $74.00 :smile:
  7. ITA! i got my ghd for christmas and i love it to death!!