Can I Bring my Keepal 55 on Plane?

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  1. Hey guys. just got my keepal 55.

    I have a 22" tumi carry on and a keepal 55 now. can i take both of them on the plane as the keepal is a personal item? carry on for domestic flight thanksk.
  2. You should check with the airline, but I suspect not both of them. I have the 55, it is pretty big, and considered luggage IME. It is great because (as long as you don't have delicate clothing packed) I could squish it in where a roll-on hard-sided carryon would not fit. In fact I fit it in front of 2 wheeled carry-ons int he overhead bin!
  3. usually no the keepall is carryon luggage-Maybe a break for first class. Airlines are strict now many charge per bag-spirit charges for carryon!!
  4. Yes, the 55 can be brought on the plane as carry-on. If the 60 is not over-packed, then you can bring that through as well. However, you cant bring both the TUMI and the Keepall...2nd item must be a small travel item and not in identical size to your largest carry-on.

    I work at LAX airport...
  5. Yep^. One or the other. I check my roll-a-board when I carry my Keepall 55.
  6. The fifty-five is the largest that can travel as a carryon,
    As per LV.
  7. Well yes, that is per LV but as a former flight attendant, trust me, I have seen 60's too. It all depends on the airline's policies and/or airport security. Just don't pack the 60 to the brim. It gets really heavy too.
  8. They won't let you carry on both. I'd check the 22" Tumi.
  9. yes, i carry 2 sometimes :smile:
  10. i've carried my 60 as carryon for flights three flights when i was home last may, and only once was did a flight attendant asked to sit my bag in the front for larger carryons, but she said if i could fit it under my seat it would be fine. Keep in mind this was a tiiiiiny plane from atlanta to albany, ga. When I flew back to germany it actually had its own seat!! lol. Anyway, yes, your 55 should be fine as carry on.