Can I borrow your new bag!!!

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  1. My friend want to borrow my new bag ..(I didn't wear yet)..what should I do!!!:confused1: she didn't asked me anything before so i can't say no, at the same time it NEW and expensive and I'm afraid something could happen to it :sad: WHAT CAN I DO? :shrugs: What should I do?:s :s :s
  2. I'd tell her straight out, no. Let her know it's nothing personal, though.
  3. I don't want her to feel bad.. she's my best friend!!!
  4. Tell she can borrow it later - but before you even have carried it!!! I can't believe she asked. Is it understood that if anything happened, she would fix/replace it?
  5. you're right.. I will tell her she can wear it later :yes: .
  6. Purplekitty22 and pursemania...Thank you very much :flowers:
  7. i'm very strict with my friends...
    and they know how crazy i am with my bags, so they don't dare to ask me to lend my NEW bags.
    although once, a friend asked if we can borrow each other bags. i said sure, but you have to be responsible if something happens with the bag :P
    and she agreed, although she never asked to borrow until now.
    maybe she's afraid is she ruin it, i'll cry :smile:
  8. If she's your best friend, she should understand if you explain to her that you just got it and you want to wear it first. If you do borrow it to her, make sure she knows that if anything happens, she's responsible.
  9. Thanke you girls :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: ..Now i know how to deal with it :yes:
  10. My friends know who protective and picky I am about my bags. They don't even ask. We have this unwritten understanding that we just never ask to borrow anything, including money. It just alleviates uncomfortable situations in the future.

    Good luck!
  11. I had the same problem and let my friend borrow my new chanel cambron. The handbag was givin to me as a gift and i felt bad to say no..Out of all days she lost the bag. so she brought me a new 1 n everthing was oka .ever 1 makes mistakes:yes:

  12. Not too many people would be able to replace a bag this expensive. Something else to consider when loaning bags.....
  13. tell her since its your brand new bag and your super excited that you might consider it once you've been able to love it and break it in
  14. I suppose you could tell her that she can borrow it, as long as she buys you a replacement, first, which she can only return to the store, once she has returned yours to you in absolutely perfect condition. :idea:

    This should either put her off, or ensure that she is super careful with your bag.
  15. ITA :yes:
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