Can I Borrow Your Bag?

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  1. So...apparently my coworker thinks my real name is Bag, Borrow, Steal. I'm sitting at my desk and I hear a voice say "Can I borrow that blue bag you have?" I'm ignoring her because I just KNOW she's not talking to me. She repeats herself but says my name this time.

    Has anyone ever asked to borrow your beloved Coach and did you let them?

    BTW, my answer was no.
  2. I actually encourage my DIL to borrow. I'd let my daughters borrow if they were closer. If a couple of my Coachie pals were closer I'd let them borrow (as long as I kept one of their bags hostage haha) but a coworker? Nuh uh.

  3. I have let my bestie borrow before. I actually let my sister borrow one years ago and she ruined it. Never again for her. I just couldn't believe the nerve of this coworker because we don't even have each other's personal phone number. Who does that?
  4. No way! Never lend anything out that you aren't ok saying goodbye to!

  5. Lesson learned. People never take care of your things as you would. And it was this bag she wanted to borrow ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394661410.731172.jpg . Uh...not no but HELL NO!

  6. Lol. My thoughts exactly! HELL NO! Not that beauty!
  7. I think it's totally fine to ask your co-worker for some Motrin, gum, etc. But a handbag? Um, I would say no too!
  8. I let my daughter borrow some of my bags. I'm pretty stingy, though; I'm always afraid it won't be returned in pristine condition. I'm upset that I let her borrow my Audrey tote because it has the most amazing smell, and I'm afraid that after being in her car, it will lose it. I would never let anyone who wasn't a family member borrow my bags.
  9. This!!!
  10. I only let my mom or sister borrow my bags, but they each have a pretty nice collection too, so it doesn't happen that frequently. Plus I know how well they take care of bags. My sister & I have traded bags for the week before which was fun.
    But no, definitely not a coworker. I'm sorry, but not even my bff! I love her, but her kids are kinda messy, lol!
  11. +1
  12. OMG, no way!
  13. You've got to be kidding. I wouldn't let anyone borrow this bag. I can't believe they even asked.
  14. The answer is "no"
    I have been asked and I laugh..
    And say "no"
  15. Has she lost her god-forsaken mind?!!! Who in their right mind asks that of a co-worker, not a really good friend, but a co-worker?