Can I block a bidder who has made a bid on my item?

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  1. Hello,

    Is it possible to cancel a bid that someone has made on my item? She has only one feedback which says "avoid at all costs".

    Also she is from Italy and I only have the bag listed to sell in the UK and she hasnt checked with me if it is ok to send abroad.

    Thanks for any help :smile:

    PS is it then possible to filter out bidders with no or low feedback?
  2. Sure, you can cancel a bidder anytime. When I listed an item, I set a preference to allow only bidders with at least 10 feedback rating and no negative feedbacks to bid.
  3. ^^^OP, pay special attention to the Buyer Requirements section of that link (you can go to "revise listing" now and change it). You can use that section to block bidders who are registered to countries where you do not ship as well.
  4. And to be super sure, go into Ebay site map and find "blocked bidder list" and add her to that so she can't bid on your item. Your seller preferences will tell you how to block international bidders, but who know she may be able to get through. So block her by buyer id that way as well. You can cancel her bid because she is international and you don't ship that, but you need to take these other two steps.
  5. Thank you ...all I can just hope a nice normal bidder comes along ;)