Can I be the annoying girl who asks again, Day w GGH or SGH?

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  1. ACK! I am so torn! Most of my everday jewelry is silver, but I haven't seen the SGH in real-life yet. Does it "pop" like the gold does, or blend in more? Black is such a hard color b/c both hardware colors look good. I'm usually a brown girl so I would go with GGH for that, but I need a black bag. Hheeellppp me!!:confused1::shrugs::crybaby:
  2. Ooh, this is tough. I've never seen the GH in real life, but from pictures, I agree that both hardware colors look good. Like you, most of my everyday jewelry is silver, but something is SO appealing about the I think I'd go with that :smile:
  3. I love both, but personally for me, I'd have to go with the silver for that poppy look! Lol
  4. Either color hardware can blend in or pop out depending on the leather color canvas they lie upon. If you need a Black bag and wear mostly silver then that says it all, the silver with black will look stunning. :yes:
  5. i'm a GGH gal
  6. I'd choose silver just because I think it's a little more timeless, less of a fad. :tup:
  7. Whenever I see GGH in person, I think it's too bling-y. The gold is just really big and shiny. But it does look gorgeous on certain leathers. For an everyday bag, I'd def. go with GSH on black. I agree with cheshire that it's more timeless.
  8. I think the GGh goes great with Brown tones... like Sienna or Mogano.. SGH goes well with almost anything... imo.. including Mogano. It just depends on the combination, but for black or plomb...I'd go with the Silver.. ;)
  9. If you wear mostly silver then the SGH with Black is the way to go. It's very rock-n-roll.:tup:
  10. Agreed :yes:
  11. i have black with silver giant HW and i love it. and this is coming from someone that is a regular hardware kind of girl.
  12. HI~ I like the silver with violet and black/plomb....the gold with neutrals like mastic....neutrals can tone down the gold a bit.
  13. Certain colors I prefer one or the other but personally I think black looks pretty much equally terrific with both. I'd say the silver is slightly less bling-y if it's for an everyday bag. The gold makes it look a bit nicer/dressier
  14. GSH. If you wear silver, white gold or platinum as I do, I think the gold clashes terribly with my jewelry.
  15. I'd say with silver jewlery and a black bag go with the GSH.