Can I ask...Why is no-one bidding on this Ink

  1. No idea. There are 2 bids as of now but maybe it's on no one's wish list at the moment?
  2. No -- its called "sniping".

    People wait til the last minute of the auction to bid -- sorry you lost out.
  3. Oh no!!! I really wanted that bag. I am no good at eBay ;-(
  4. Phew, my blood pressure has just gone down. Congrats to whoever got it, she's a beauty!
  5. I'm sorry...I'm not the buyer, just commiserating. The auctions are tough emotionally. That's why we all like BINs!
  6. Thanks babe! I have been thinking about this Ink Twiggy all day!!! I haven't even won it! I might have to check myself into balenciaga re-hab! Yep...I'm gutted :crybaby:
  7. ^^^ I totally get that! This Ink Twiggy is now "the one that got away" and thinking about it is torturous! Now you have to find a way to let it go...

    Not the case with're either the quick-draw, or you're not.