Can i ask what happened to LV1011? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum...

  1. I do apologise if this should not be in the Chanel forum... :shame: but i vaguely remember reading from this forum that LV1011 was sofa king banned. I tried searching her posts but could not find anything she had done to get banned.

    Please enlighten me! :confused1:

    Alternatively, please direct me to the right place to post this thread! :shame:
  2. She was Shady McShadester, can't say much else but that pretty much sums it up - rip off artist.
  3. oh wow! That's nuts!!!
  4. Oh no. Did she rip some poor PF member? :sad:

    Do ignore my question if im not allowed to ask or if you re not allowed to divulge any further! :shame:
  5. I can't/won't say much, it's a public board, but rest assured, this place is safer w/o her membership :yes: {eBay would be too ;)}
  6. Ladies please help me out. I have a question, what does "sofa king banned" mean? I have seen the lingo on the PF but I have no idea what it means.:shame:
  7. ^^^say it three times fast......
  8. LOL that was so funnie!!! I did not realise that one!! :nuts::nuts:
  9. Ok, i understand Swanky! Thanks anyway for the reply. :yes:
  10. try saying

    fa-king - fa pronounced fuh

    banned :biggrin:
  11. :biggrin::biggrin: I didn't know what it meant either ..thats funny
  12. OMG, that's too funny! Thanks for helping me out ladies!
  13. Thanks for making me smile!
  14. She deserved it, nuff said.
  15. Im sorry if i brought up a bad topic :sad: