Can I ask for a partial refund when I don't want to actually return the item?

  1. Hello...
    I bought a Marc by Marc Jacobs on eBay, stated to be brand new without tags or dustbag. The auction ended at a fair price, not an entirely fantastic deal, but a deal nontheless. Anyways, when the bag came, there are noticeable scratches on the front snap. For those who know MbMJ bags, it's the Lovely Aline, and you know how there is a huge large snap on the front of the bag... well, the scratches were the first thing I noticed when I took out the bag, and everyone else that I've showed the bag to have said "What's that?". So i emailed the seller, saying this was not stated in the auction, and none of the pics show the scratches. I asked for a partial refund, as I would like to keep the purse, but just want some $$ back for the troubles i'm gonna go through to try and get the scratches fixed.

    The seller, who has nearly 5000 feedback and 99.8% pos feedback, wrote back:

    "The scratches you are mentioning are they on the front snap? If so I am aware of them. These are a common characteristic found on Marc Jacobs hardware. It is not something I would mentioned in the description for it is not a flaw or something that I felt was needing to be mentioned. If you are unhappy with the purse and have not used it as of yet you may return it. Please let me know what you would like to do."

    I indeed think that it is a flaw... please see the attached picture. And the scratches are definitely NOT characteristic of MJ hardware!! MJ lovers would surely disagree!!!

    My question: should i still push for a partial refund, or just keep the bag with the scratches?? I don't want to return it.

    IMGP2900_sm.jpg IMGP2901_sm.jpg
  2. I think I would just either return it or live with it. She's offered you a refund, if she wanted to offer a discount she would have done so. Just my thought on it.
  3. This marks are NOT normal and the item is not as described, you should kindly tell her that if she can't give you a partial refund you rather return the bag, because the item is not worth what you paid with the scratches in the front. Maybe then she'll agree on a partial refund as long as you are asking for a reasonable amount.
  4. I've tried this before and ended up just keeping the bag. The seller wanted to take it back but I didn't want her to re-list it and scam someone else. I got a good deal so I just dealt with it.
  5. She offered you a refund. You can ask for a partial refund, but it doesn't sound like she's interested.
  6. is there any way to hide the scratches ...or lessen then=m with any cleaner etc?

    I would keep the bag......
  7. I agree, I don't think there's any way you can make her give you a partial refund. She's already offered to take the bag back, so I'm guessing you either return it and get another bag, or learn to live with the scratches. If you paid with PayPal you could always contact them and hear what they have to say (you could file a significantly not a described, but my guess is that it would just end with you being asked to return the bag) :flowers:
  8. I'd keep it. There are polishing agents out there that will cover up the scratches.
  9. Yes, it's a nice bag. Let us know what you decided ;)
  10. You can press the issue, but based on her response it does not sound like she is willing to do anything other than a full refund. If you can polish them out, or lessen them, then I would just do that and keep the bag if you really do want to keep it.
  11. The best way to get a partial refund is to just flat out state the exact amount you're looking for...$10, $20, whatever you think is fair. It makes it way easier for the seller to respond if they don't have to figure out what you want. They'll be MUCH more likely to agree to it, or at least make a counter offer. I've had to do this a few times in the past, and it's always made it easier.

    Hope this helps!