Can I ask about Chanel sunglasses here? Question...

  1. I have a pair of chanel sunglasses that I bought about 8 months ago, and that I love dearly. Lemme get the model number... 5080-B

    Anyway, one of the crystals on the side fell out!!! I paid $400.00 for these sunglasses, and a freakin' crystal fell out! Wth? So my question is, what do I do? I got them at Neiman Marcus in the GSP in New Jersey. Should I go back to them or should I go directly to Chanel about getting them fixed? I'm pretty sure I have the receipt saved somewhere... but if I don't, am I screwed?

    Here are a photo of the sunglasses I found off of google - they are so beautiful, but I'm really pissed about the crystal!
  2. I'd definitely give it a try at Neimans, with or without a receipt. As long as you bought it there, I hope their customer service will do something about it.
  3. THANK YOU! My boyfriend keeps telling me "it's no big deal" and "no one can notice it!", which may be true, but I notice it - and it bothers me :cry:
  4. Take them in, they usually have a 12 month warranty. If you have a reciept, you could take them to any Chanel, if not, take em back to original store and plead your case. Don't let one crystal spoil them for you. I have a pair I bought 3years ago and have worn them to destruction. And they are still cool.
  5. Go to the orginal location you purchased them. They have a 12 month warrantly no matter what. My CCs fell off when I dropped an older pair & they gave me a brand new one. You shouldn't need the reciept, I didn't have mine, they just looked it up on the computer. Even outside of 12 months, they still have a money warranty where they will give you money towards a new pair of your choice. Good luck!
  6. aaaah, Denise Richard's sunnies!
  7. ^^^ hahaha yeah! I had them before she did though ;)

    Yeah, I'm gonna see if I can get myself into jersey sometime this week and show them.
  8. So I called NM today to tell them about my problem, and they said there was nothing they could do. They told me to call the Luxotica group, the company that makes Chanel sunglasses, and tell them what happened. At Luxotica they told me I need to ship it to them certified mail AND pay them a processing fee of $12.50 - then wait 2-4 weeks after that to get my sunglasses back! Is it worth it for me to do this? To go 4 weeks without my sunglasses, and they're my only pair?
  9. Hi LivinLuxuriously,
    Its funny that I am just reading this thread because I just came back from Chanel, where they happily fixed my glasses, model number 4095-B.
    I originally bought my sunglasses from Solstice Sunglass Boutique, and when i went back to them with a receipt because two of the crystals had fallen out, they said that there was nothing to do and they also told me to call the Luxotica Group. BUT, today i was in luck, as I was purchasing a pair of earrings at the Chanel store, I told the SA about my sunglasses, and showed them to her. She took them, and told me to come back in an hour. When I came back, my glasses were LIKE NEW.
    So, I would suggest going to an actual Chanel store, because they have a specific SA on hand to deal with these problems. Good Luck :smile:
  10. Hmmm... maybe I will - gosh I wish I'd thought of this, I was just by chanel 2 days ago and it's like 30 mins from here. Arg - thanks, I'll try that.
  11. Just wanted to update - I went to chanel today and they gave me a BRAND NEW PAIR - go chanel!!!
  12. Alright!!

    I just bought these babies today! LOL!
  13. Aren't they hot?! And while I was there I went to NM and picked up a pair of Fendi sunnies :lol:
  14. Wow~~happy to hear that Chanel stands by their product!
  15. I'm glad you got a new pair. Congrats!