Can I ask a seller to add a BIN option to an auction?

  1. I am the only bidder on a bag that still has 6 days left in the auction. I have been looking for this bag forever and am having trouble waiting 6 days. Haha Is it rude to ask a seller to add a BIN option to the auction with so much time left? If that is ok, is it rude to ask for a certain BIN amount? Thanks!
  2. It doesn't hurt to ask. Sometimes sellers will do it. Although I have to admit I hate to see bags I've been following suddenly disappear and I know they have been pulled because the seller did an off-eBay sale for someone.:sad:
  3. That's not an "off-eBay" sale.

    It doesn't hurt to ask; all they can say is "no".
  4. No, I don't mean an off-eBay sale. I just meant adding a BIN option for the existing auction.
  5. You sure can. It all depends on seller's motivation and expectation. It won't hurt to ask. Good luck!
  6. I'm doing my first bag sale right now, and even I managed to add a BIN after a couple of days, so it's definitely easy & do-able. The one thing I would caution is make sure you watch for it if they add one and actually use it. I had several people ask if I'd add one, so I did, but it sat there for 3-4 days. Then after someone placed a bid (and the BIN therefore went away), someone emailed and said "oh no, where did the BIN go? I wanted to buy it outright. Could you relist with BIN?" Again, it had been there for 3-4 days with no takers, so I really didn't want to cancel the bid and relist!! So, if you ask for BIN and want BIN, be sure to actually BIN when it gets added or you may miss your chance.
  7. ditto what the others said. You can ask. someone asked me and I would have done it but I didn't have enough feedback to do a BIN.
  8. It's always fine to ask. I once got a bag that way!
  9. The retail price of the bag is around $750 and the auction states it was only used a few times. I just asked the seller if she would consider a BIN - I didn't specify an amount. Secretly I'm hoping for a BIN of $300....but that's probably too low. I can still pray! :p
  10. if there is a bid on it already you can't add a buy it now. she would have to end the auction and relist the item. or you can retract your bid, then she can revise the auction. anyway, I hope you get the bag at a good price.
  11. It can't hurt to try. I just got a bag from Ebay....and older LV in really good condition....and it was GREEN, a discontinued color!!!! My favorite color!!! There was no way I wanted to sit through 6 grueling, agonizing days watching and hoping no one would snatch it away from me. So I emailed the seller and asked what they'd be willing to part with it for. We agreed on a price, and I BIN'd that baby!!! It can't hurt to try....all they can say is no. Good luck!
  12. I agree, it doesn't hurt to ask. As a seller, I actually like when people ask me to add a BIN price (if they're willing to agree on a fair price) because I want to get the sale over with faster. They get their item faster, and I get my money faster. As a buyer, sometimes I ask and I've actually had a lot of sellers agree to add it. Try it!
  13. Sure! So did you agree on a price?
  14. I've done this many times. Make the seller a reasonable offer and even explain that you have been looking for the bag forever and if you have to wait 6 days, you may just faint (LOL!, only kidding about the last part). The LT bag in my avatar, I got just this way. Seller listed the bag with a very high starting bid as the bag was current season and NWOT's. I had searched NYC and CT for that bag, I called every LT dealer and it was gone! I had given up when one Sat morning, there it is on eBay. I asked the seller if she would do a BIN and she sent me a link to the listing with the BIN for the starting price within 30 minutes! Since she was on the West Coast, she shipped it that AM and I got it Monday at noon! I will never let that baby out of my sight, it is as you can see my FAVORITE bag!

    Good luck, I hope you get it!
  15. Her BIN offer was a lot higher than I thought the auction would end...and I was right (auction ended over $225 cheaper!). Buuuuuuut, I still won the bag!! I should get it soon! I can't wait. I'll post pics when it comes (a navy Goldenbleu Jordan satchel)! Thanks for all your help again ladies!