Can I ask a question......

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  1. does the Jumbo Classic Flap come in lambskin? What colors is it available in? Price? Any info would be appreciated!
  2. yes, the jumbo is available in lambskin. and it is available in various colors. I believe the price is 2450 (some1 correct me if Im wrong)
  3. I'm not clear on the price, but the colors that are available every season include white, black, and beige. Various seasonal colors include different shades of pink, purple, navy?. There's definitely more, but I can't quite think of them off the top off my head right now.

    This season, they came out with a gorgeous red with a new chain, but it is very difficult to find, especially this late into the season.
  4. you should definitely check out the thread in the Reference Library for flaps. TONS of info there:yes: