Can I ask a Favor? Please vote for my Photograph so I can win a scholarship!

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  1. Wow thats a beautiful picture! I voted :smile: What beach is that?
  2. I voted. It's beautiful!
  3. Sure! Voted.
  4. Just voted!
  5. i voted! very pretty!
  6. Thank you, THANK YOU! It's Huntington Beach, California. It's the city in which I live.
  7. I voted for you.
  8. I voted for you, too. Great picture!
  9. You have my vote. :tup:
  10. voted! great picture.
  11. That is a beautiful photo!! i also like your bleeker tote :P :P
  12. voted! great pic BTW!
  13. voted!
  14. I voted for your photograph. It's beautiful and I hope you win that scholarship. Good luck! :tup: