Can Hermes spa shine up dulled Croc?

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  1. Hi all! The shiny croc bags after you use it for a while loses it's shine a little. As Hermes crocs are not glazed and are just buffed, I wonder if Hermes spa are able to work their magic and restore them to absolutely shiny condition? Or is it once dulled, that's it (as with water spots)? Any experience to share would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!
  2. Mudmud :smile:

    I took my croc constance to H craftsperson last week its still shiny but I thought it would benefit from a little maintenance, and the lovely new crafts person said yes it would buff up really well If I left it with her,so they can do marvels and I also think they can send it to Paris for a shine up! not sure about the water marks though ,do you have any photo's so when the experts come along they can comment?
  3. The hands of the H craftspeople are miracle workers.. you would be surprised

    at what they can do..
  4. Yes. You can do it yourself too. Use Reptan. This is what H craftsman use. Use very little and keep buffing. I do it to all my shiny crocs. I don't bother my H craftman to do it for me.

    PS: NOT for matte crocs.
  5. Thank you ladies you are all so sweet and helpful!! :smile:

    Not that I have water marks on my croc yet as it's rarely being used!! :P I once accidentally sat on it and it creased where it fold. I was lucky I didn't fully sit on it but jumped up when I felt I was pressing against the bag! Ever since then I've been really babying it!

    Good to know they can buff it up again :smile: Thanks for the Reptan tip mrssparkles! It's not possible to get my hands onto them in Australia, and delivery is sooo expensive from France but if it works wonders I might just go for it!
  6. Can shiny lizard be buffed up too?
  7. generally speaking yes
  8. Thank you for your response.
  9. I just googled Reptan and came up with "Rep-tan Snakeskin Tanning Solution". Is this the product to which you were referring, Mrs Sparkles? Do you know if it can be used on glazed croc or lizard? It is my understanding that Hermes croc is "buffed", not "glazed", but most croc bags are glazed.
  10. Hi India,

    Here's the link .... This is what I have and use, and this is what I saw my craftsman use on shiny croc.,18
  11. Thank you for the link, mrssparkles. So many great products. I'm gonna try out something for my car as well. Last time I took it to be cleaned on the inside, they had used something that smelled:sick: and it was poorly cleaned. I won't be taking it there anymore plus I will bring my own stuff next time.
  12. in my expiriance they did it looks wonderfull the bag in question is a 30cm RG shyny croc with diamonds when it was done i took it out for an hermes outing with my H fan friends we all went and got scarves and so on because i was so happy my bag looked new i have to say it does look a tiny bit darker than it did before ooo but i love the bag the pics are in my birkin noir album so you can see the results any way hope it helps birkel
  13. Totally with you.
  14. #14 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    I spoke with Manuela at the BH H a few weeks ago about my crocs. I don't know if she was being conservative, but she said that very little can be done for crocs when they come in for spas. They can buff them, but the shine will not be the same as new bags. She also cautions against getting water stains on them.
  15. Thankyou Mrs S for the link
    Lots of goodies on that website so I think I am going to get the Reptan and a few other things
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