Can Hermes ship leather products?

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  1. I don't know about this but one of my fiends wanted to purchase a Hermes bag, I forgot the name, but it was not B or K though. We both has a friend live in Delaware and she thought she can phone order the bag and let her SA mailed her bag to Delaware so she doesn't have to pay tax. But she told her SA said that she can't ship any leather products including SLGs, is this true??
    She's not a member of TPF so I asked this for her. TIA!!
  2. True
  3. Thanks, but I remember I have seen some receipts of US Hermes that they can actually ship B, and the carriage price were 25 USD. Has anyone actually know how did this happen?
  4. Hermes modified the shipping policy several years ago

    There are exceptions to the policy determined by the individual boutique
  5. if you are physically in the store to pay for the item, you can have it shipped to your home (and save on tax).
  6. If you can see
  7. This. They won't charge and send over the phone.
  8. Can this really happen?
  9. i've done it multiple times, most recently in july 2013 for a birkin.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.