Can help me with new lux bowler price?

  1. I don't live in states, but plan to go in next few wks...if you guys know the new price for it? It is $2800 for large size in canada...and know any stores carry them right now? I might give them a call..I die to have this bag...finally they re produce them now:yahoo:. thank you a lot if you guys can help!!:woohoo:
  2. I saw a black patent lux bowler at Nieman Marcus San Antonio last night. I didn't check the price - you can call (210) 558-8000 for NM. Ask for Stephanie in the Chanel handbag section.
  3. Sure, thank you a bunch. I will definately call them tmr. Besides black...any other good colors? I am dreaming to have red luck?
  4. Last time I checked, there were a couple of matte red ones around. Good luck!
  5. Aurora would you please provide me which store is that and when did you see it? I really hope I can get one...I can probably call them before I go to states, and if you have your SA, would you mind sharing with me? I am sorry for a bunch of questions:sweatdrop:
  6. Just sent u a PM. ;)
  7. Last week there was a patent black, matte black, and matte red luxe bowler at Ala Moana Chanel. Not sure if they're still there or if they were sold in those few days.

    Judy Chin
  8. missisa, thank you for your help. I will ring them now, see if I have some good luck. Btw, Judy is your SA? You want me to refer you to her? Thank you again!!:wlae:
  9. ^Hi hehe. Sure tell her Isabel sent ya. Not sure what the current stock is on the luxe bowlers, but *hopefully* they're still there. :yes: Also not sure whether Judy's working today, but hopefully she is.
  10. TIA missisa~~I will call her now see if I can get any help from her!!:tup: