Can help me with my 1st MiuMiu purchase?

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  1. Hie babes, I don't know who else to turn to for help other than you people here. Frankly I never really noticed miumiu till I saw all your gorgoeus buys that make me wanna get one too.

    So, these bags caught my eye:-
    1. Coffer
    2. Bow Bag
    3. Vitello Lux
    4. Nappa Charm

    The problem is I can't choose which to buy?? Only have enough moolah for 1 as of now. I have not tried any of these bags, but can you recommend me based on my profile?

    - a petite (short and plump hehe) mother, need a roomy bag to stuff toddlers' stuffs
    - easily accessible, i'm the sort who throw all my stuffs in the main bag.
    - nice to carry crossbody..preferably a bag that slouch nicely
    - can go with formal and casual clothes

    sorry my list is so long....just want to prepare myself before heading down to the boutique. Coz most of the time, looks win over practicality. So I believe you gals whom have any of the bags listed above will be in the best position to advise me.

    Thanks so much for your help
  2. i LOVE the bow bag

    but i think the coffer is more practical as you can put it over the shoulder.
  3. I really love the vitello lux.
    And you can double strap the strap to wear it over your shoulder.
  4. for what you need - I would say Vitello Lux or the charm
  5. Agreed with KiKi too
  6. I wouldn't advise the vitello lux as it may be too small for your toddler's stuff.

    Secondly, the regular bow has no compartments. It may be difficult to find your stuff.

    The coffer holds a lot and has two exterior pockets for easy access. However, you should try one on for size.

    The nappa charm is a great idea if you are getting the shoulder tote version.

    The regular version is hand-held so it may not be practical for a mom if you prefer carrying it on the shoulder.

    However, all the above bags have detachable straps. I really advise you to try them first before buying. I have friends who've complained that the regular versions of these bags look huge on petite frames while some gals love the look.

    If you carry lots of stuff on a daily basis such as sippy cups, you may want to invest ina non-Miu Miu bag. Maybe a classic Tods or Prada instead? Both brands make great lightweight nylon bags that are great for busy moms.

    I own all the above bags except the nappa charm. I found it too big for me although it is very practical.
  7. may be consider the bow tote?
  8. I agree with Karena - the Bow Tote might be a good option for you. I have it and love it. I am "short and plump" too, and throw everything into one bag. The bow bag was not an option for me because when I tried it on, it was different to access my stuff because of the zipper.

    The Charm tote would also be great for what you need, I think.
  9. Coffer...I LoVe mine!
  10. thanks babes! really appreciate the advise. I think the Charm would be the most practical as it would be the most roomy of all. But look-wise i'm inclined towards the bow and the coffer. Is the coffer really roomy? It looks really nice when hanged on the shoulders but it looks kinda of narrow from the side. I think i really have to make time and go down to the stores to try the bags out. Decisions..decisions....decisions... lol
  11. First to choose the is the colour hahaha..........god!
  12. hi erinz! i have a coffer and it is a roomy bag and the 2 size pockets are very useful... you can also loop the shoulder strap so it's shorter. i've had a black one for 2 years now and it's very durable and not so high-maintenance

    but! IMHO, if you are used to double handle bags you might it hard to look for your stuff if you are carring it and have a toddler around you.. i also think that the coffer looks weird when it is stuffed.

    good luck finding the perfect bag and do keep us posted! :smile: