Can hair dye get into your bloodstream and make you feel ill?

  1. I had highlights and color recently, and about 10 days later was very nauseous and sick. The sickness lasted about 15 hours, but it took a while for my digestive system to return to normal. I'm just not sure if it was the color or the excessive garlic I had the night before I was sick. Lol... I hope it wasn't the color. :sad:
  2. It could very well be the colour. Ive decided to no longer colour my hair because of all the stuff thats in hairdye!
  3. In order for it to enter the Bloodstream, it would have to be in excessive amounts. However, you may have just suffered a some kind of reaction to the color.
  4. Im not sure what to think. I have very sensitive skin, yet had no adverse reactions to the color. I don't however, have a sensitive stomach. I started to feel sick about 6-8 hours after I ate, which I think is the normal timeframe for food poisoning. I would think that if it was the color it would have affected me sooner than 10 days, but who knows. I'll need a touch up soon, but am not sure whether to make an appointment or not?
  5. 10 days later I don't think it's hair dye
  6. Ten days later? It's extraordinarily unlikely that feeling ill has anything to do with the hair dye. I would be looking at something a little closer to the incident.
  7. I doubt it was the hair dye 10 days later.

    That sounds like something I would say to myself I were pregnant but didn't want to be pregnant. 'Oh, I died my hair 10 days ago...I bet that's what is making me sick' LOL
  8. ^ LOL... trust me, I don't want it to be the color! I have this fear (borderline phobia) of being sick that way, so if the dye caused it I may consider not doing it again. Wuss, I know. :smile:
  9. Anything that we put into our skin is absorbed into our blood stream, but I think that dye would have to be VERY strong to make you feel ill immediately. After all, even some doctors say that pregnant women can color their hair. If there was a high risk of it causing illness, it would be completely taboo across the board- like drinking alcohol, for example.

    Definitely see a doctor, if you have concerns. Hope you feel better soon! :flowers:
  10. I think I may have misread you're post... 10 days later it's most certainly not the hairdye. But, like another poster said anything we put on our skin is absorbed!
  11. Nope! Not ten days later, plus highlights are off the scalp, so no.