Can H sell 2 exact same items for 2 different prices?

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  1. Well, I mean I guess they can do whatever they want. I know, I know, I know, I've been whining up and down...but it doesn't seem fair.

    ie.....the Marwari & Cheval Mon Sur is on sale in France (congrats again LittleH)....but full price in the states? Do SA's charge send internationally?

    ooooh, and just imagine if had a sale??????
  2. If you know the prices in Japan and China, you would think the US is cheap.
  3. If you think about it this isn't such an unusual practice, even in the most ubiquitous brands.

    For example, different prices in different countries. If you go to a Zara in Madrid or Lisbon and then compare the prices with London there is a difference. Compare the European Zara prices with the US ones and you see a massive gap. I think it depends on the strategy of the brand for each market, but also on import taxes etc etc. And it is perfectly legal.

    Similarly, being on sales in a country and not in another is something that happens very often. Typically London winter sales start on Boxing day or the day after, whilst in Paris you have to wait for the 6th of January or thereabouts. So there is a couple of weeks during which you can, if you travel, arbitrage the system...
  4. Foreign currencies make the same item have a certain value at one place, and another value at another place. This is how the world of business is run. Fluctuations in the value of the Yen versus Dollar versus Euro, etc.
  5. What I meant is, for the same item to be on sale at one store, and full price at another store, KWIM?
  6. Yes, see the last paragraph in my post above on the sales dates in different countries. Also add to this private sales that the luxury brands often have. It is not only legal but quite usual.
  7. ^^^I like that....arbitrage the system. Too bad they can't be more like Nordstroms (policy-wise). They will price match any item if it is priced lower somewhere else.

    So, do store's here in the states do International charge sends?
  8. I don't even think that the prices are co-ordinated within France. There was a twilly available in the Paris sale (_bella_ saw it there today) and I got an e-mail about the very same twilly today from a French SA.
  9. it's not really fair to compare prices between stores and the special sale though, for one sales items have an S stamp on them, and you don't get a box (not that i'd pay an extra 300€ for a box for a shawl :lol: ). and in the case of the paris sale there's only the one sale, in the boutique there are no reductions so theoretically you could even find the same item in the sale and a paris boutique.
  10. That's exactly what I meant- the twilly in my example was available in the sale and also in a French H store the very same day without any discount:smile:.
  11. :yes: but in hermès boutiques they will be the same price within france. it's just the sale that is a totally different thing.
  12. Of course!
  13. Zara?
  14. ... only kidding of course... he he
  15. REALLY? So could something be on sale at BH and not at SCP?