Can Gucci Store make a Authenticity Appraisal?

  1. I'm interested in purchasing a used Gucci bag and the seller is willing to bring the bag to a Gucci store to authenticate it but I'm not sure if Gucci stores are willing to do that because i know LV doesn't. Can anyone confirm this for stores in Toronto?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I saw a gentleman bring in a bag while I was shopping at a Gucci store actually at there main office in the US and they said that they cannot check a bag to see if its authentic or not. Then again your individual store may be different.
  3. They typically will not authenticate, but maybe the seller knows one of the SA who are willing to do it.
  4. Many yrs back i purchased a Dior Bag fr eBay.
    When it arrived, it just doesn't seem rite. So i brought it to a local Dior boutique, and the SA was kind enough to show me a real one and we compared the differences. She never once said that my bag was fake (perhaps she didn't want to embarrass me).
    Needless to say, i emailed the seller all the proofs and was refunded.
    However i'm not sure about Gucci. Maybe you can call the boutique and check.:smile:
  5. thank you so muchh : ) i think i will go to the store with the person and compare their bag with the one in the store.. but i posted pictures of it in the "authentiate" it post and it was thoguth to be a fake : S so im not sure.. but hopefully its jsut bad quality of picture : ))))
  6. To my limited knowledge I know that Gucci will not authenticate (I speak for 2 countries, Australia and Singapore). And I know that the US ladies have said that the US does not as well so it is a worldwide policy.