Can Gucci damaged stock be heavily reduced?

Nov 20, 2006
I'm just wondering really there is a seller who apparently was able to get her Gucci purse cheaper at saks fifth avenue as one of it's straps pin that attaches to bag was missing so she was able to buy such a reduced price. Hence apparently it was damaged stock.

She also says that after that she took it to the Gucci boutique for it to b fixed.

I dont know how it works in the US department store but do u guys have clue how much Gucci purses can b discounted for damaged stock?
Hi. I buy damaged stock at my Saks Off 5th sometimes. There is a Fendi for sale now at my Saks Off 5th that has a pin broken on the strap. No one has bought it in the last week and I don't need it, but really all it would need is a watch strap pin to fix it. It is a while leather bucket bag with white rabbit fur trim. It retailed for over $2000, was on sale for $599, and, since no one has bought it for two weeks, is marked down again to $499. So it's plausible.

I have seen Gucci leather bags retailing for $1200-1500 sell at Saks Off 5th for $299-$399. Sometimes they are broken or sometimes they have obvious pen marks on the outside of the leather. Does the item still have the Off 5th tags attached?
hi dear :smile:

Well no unfortunately. She said when bought it doesnt come with the dust bag but she still has controllo cards and guarantee it is :smile:

Would b helpful to show the listing number? I'm a Gucci fan but i was a bit worried as the pictures show auth with mono perfect symmetry but she says its exactly the bag shown! After what u said it is very plausible :smile:

You are darl thank u so much for your help! Shame it doesnt come with the dust bag but if they are heavily reduced I would assume SA wouldnt bother with that stuff.
Hi again! My Saks Off 5th seperates the dustbags from the purses and sells the dustbags seperately for $1 each. So someone can come in and purchase the dustbag, and when you purchase the bag it will already be gone.

If you would like to post the listing I will look at it, but I am not really a Gucci expert. You would probably do better on the Gucci subforum's "authenticate this" thread. But it can def. be real without the dustbag.
hey dear :smile:

I know its authentic cos the photo show monogram with perfect alignment & symmetry. I like collecting Gucci :smile:

I cant believe the seller is now is saying global express to US is $150 with tracking!!! It just a Gucci boston bag with about 30cm across and about 14cm high. I bought an LV bag on ebay it was 60$ US with insurance of 1k with online tracking I wrote to her saying that did she get this wrong?

I'm hoping she will under value the bag (she is saying doesnt want to cos its illegal etc) i had a nightmare experience with an LV previously. I had 1/4 of bag price, customs fees and other fees which apparently are normal and it only gained so much attention cos of the price valued on the custom slip.

I also had to wait over 4 weeks cos they were stuffing me around a bit argh not to mention the terrible service i recieved. I was standing there and they knew i was there & I was the only one there and apparently if i dont ring the bell they dont care how long i stood there for :sad:

Thanks dear :smile: