Can Gold Hardware be appropriate for casual/everyday?


Sep 5, 2014
I am currently obsessing over the Reissue and want one in my collection. Thought long and hard about chasing after the Mini because there's pandemonium about them right now, but resisted due to its limited use for me. A Reissue--especially preloved--in 225 or 226 would serve me much better for not much more than the going price of a Mini.

Currently I am debating between the beauty of the gold chain vs. the ruthenium which are the most common hardware available. I actually see more GHW in the sizes and colours/leathers I want (black or navy blue.) I dislike the so-black on the quilted styles.

However, would it be too dressy to pair a GHW Reissue with t-shirt & jeans, a black/silver leather jacket, etc.? I am not that chic on the daily. Honestly, the thing I love about my SHW classic flap is that I can carry it with sweat pants or frayed shorts and it completely elevates and softens my look without making it out-of-place. Of course it's appropriate for evening and special events as well. The Reissue is the bag I want to add as my daily + travel favorite for its shape and crossbody capability, but if I get the GHW would it clash too much with my casualness? On the other hand, my worry with ruthenium is that it will make the bag overall look and feel not as special (even though I still like it) i.e not really add to my outfits, plus my BF thinks it looks drab and dingy compared to the gold.

Thoughts please! :smile:

P.S if anyone can tell me that the gold colored plating actually fades to lighter gold or silver metal with use--this would be a plus. Maybe when the wear-down is heavier I can take a polishing cloth and buff a saturated gold to a light/faded gold? :biggrin:
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Dec 9, 2016
Absolutely! Gold hardware is suitable for all occasions and can be worn everyday. I wear mine almost everyday during the day and evenings!

It's very common for people to wear gold hardware Chanel bags during the day. It's really not an issue! And doesn't look too dressy.


May 11, 2014
My first Reissue love is 226 GHW. I would def get 225 RHW if a good preloved deal comes along. I think Calfskin RHW is the original combo but I personally prefer GHW. Gold chains and locks do fade through time the problem is the grommets stay the same so there will be 2 different shades of gold on the bag.
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Jan 28, 2009
Absolutely not. The more casual vibe of the Reissue combined with the aged gold HW (not shiny) makes it more able to be worn causally. Adore my 227. It's my only Chanel with GHW that I would wear for everyday.
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Apr 15, 2015
Sunny Florida
I especially like the aged gold hardware of the Reissue for daytime since it isn't so flashy/jarring. And I am generally not a gold hardware person, but on the Reissue, I love it. I have the small/225 size in black aged calf w/aged gold hardware and it is a perfect day-to-night/casual-to-dressy bag. It's even great for travel. GLD!


Apr 19, 2015
I always favor silver or ruthenium hardware, except on the black reissue with aged calf. The gold hardware just pops more on this bag and the combo is stunning. I have both hardware options and find the ghw more visually appealing. The aged gold hardware works well for day/night and is more low-key then a shiny gold or matte gold hardware in my opinion.
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Jun 18, 2012
I match my jewelry to my hardware. So when I wear gold (or mixed metal jewelry), I reach for a bag with gold hardware. And, after a long phase of wearing almost all wg, I'm now wearing just as much yg again. So, I defitnely don't see ghw as being to dressy for casual wear.

Going further, I wear metallic bags with casual wear. I have a 2 silver bags and now a gold Boy that I will wear with sundresses, jeans, etc just as easily on date night / for cocktails. I ever don't going out looking "scruffy". Maybe if I did, I wouldn't wear the bags. But I don't think that looking "scruffy" is what you're saying you want to do. LOL! You just want to be cute and casual. So enjoy your ghw bags with your casual outfits.

One suggestion, take a look at how various people are styling their bags on instagram. You'll see that just about any bag can look good with any "level" of outfit if it's put together well. :smile:


Dec 5, 2015
I agree with what everyone is saying here. I have the chevron 225 with soft, aged gold HW and it is a great everyday bag that goes with everything, imo. Not flashy at all, just beautiful. Good luck. :heart:
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