Can GH Day be broken in??

  1. GH has bigger, stiffer zipper; this makes the bag more structure. Can the bag be broken in & look slouchy at all?? I saw picture of RH Day being so slouchy & I am wondering you can do it with GH Day. Anyone have pictures of broken in GH Day that you want to share? ;) Thanks!
  2. bump*
  3. :yes:

    I am leaving town today so I don't have time to post pics....however......

    I have a VG GH Day that is very slouchy and broken in. Just put a ton of stuff in it and wear all day or hang it from a door knob all night. It will break in fast.
  4. oh my god......:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Please post pictures later!!! Please...I really really want to see it! :yes: I don't think I ever seen one before being all slouchy!