Can fanny packs be stylish??

  1. Fanny packs!!! Is that what they are known as in the US? :lol:

    Oo-er....I cant imagine that name taking off here.

    'Bum Bags', in my opinion look very iffy. I associate them with tourists, not high fashion.
  2. :wtf: yeah they look fantastic if we all had figures like that!
  3. Ditto! I don't care if Hermes came out with one in crocodile with 14 kt. hardware for $100,000, I'd never lust after one of those. I have yet to see one that flatters ANYONE!
  4. Hehehehe! My DH is British and he explained that to me. :roflmfao:

    My vote: No, never stylish. They always look touristy to me.
  5. I'd vote "no".
  6. :lol:....if I was wearing one of those and an american came up to me and said ''Oh I love your fanny pack"...I would give them a black eye!!
  7. I like the gucci ones.
  8. Some are maybe less ugly than others, but stylish? Nope.:yucky: Not even on tourists, although I at least sympathize with their desire to keep their hands free.
  9. I'm not a fan of them, regardless of whether they are designer-made or not. I find them unflattering and rather silly.
  10. As mom to a 2-year old, I would say that I SO want these to work for me. Hands-free when chasing around a toddler would be a god-send. But I think that with these, you have to go fun and funky, like with the Tokidoki Canguro or a Harvey's seatbelt bag hipster. I want to try...but I'm still a little afraid. The "fanny pack" image has me worried.
  11. if you like it, go for it!

    i'm not the slimmest person in the world, but i'm a huge fan of hands-free everything!

    as a matter of fact... i'm waiting for my first "waist bag" in the mail!!! can't wait!!! c",)
  12. I can only see myself taking one if I was riding on an upside down roller coaster. And I'd probably get a Gucci one, but that little black one could be cute!