Can everyone post their best chanel deal??

  1. it would be really fun to see the amazing deals that TPFers found.. post pics and the price you paid.
  2. not ever happened to me really, unless you count stuff I got at Heathrow, those were 15% off
  3. sounds like a fab idea! you have got to post yours too!

    i'll start with mine - i got really lucky (rare chance!) and got this yummy brand new lambskin belt in my size! it retails for $650 (not sure if the price has increased) and i managed to snag it up at $300 shipped. amazing!!

  4. oh wow!!! I love your belt!!! Definitely great deal!~~
  5. i have yet to come across a great deal myself.. i am hoping this will change sometime in the future, hehe.. for the while, i am now going to stop into the goodwill store once in a while and hopefully score myself a chanel for $60, HEHE.

    i love your lanbskin belt ladydeluxe~ it matches so well with the sailor shirt too.
  6. That belt is TDF!!! I would have snatched that belt up in a heartbeat if I saw it for $300 too!!

    So far now "great" deal yet but hopefully there will be one for me after Xmas.....:graucho:
  7. I got a pair of shoes for around $300 but nothing compared to some of you.
  8. I got this Cambon Bag for my DD on eBay for $800 shipped :tup: ..... it came with everything, even the box!
    Retail was $1495 I think

    sorry not the best pics tho ...

  9. [​IMG]
  10. I've bought some stuff at Chanel sales for 50% off. I haven't really gotten any great eBay deals though.
  11. ^^^:tup::woohoo: way to go! I'm hoping to snag an 8 knot tote the day after Xmas...keeping fingers crossed.
  12. Oh ladydeluxe, what a fab deal on your belt!!!

    The best "deal" I ever got on a Chanel was getting my black patent jumbo for $1,950 AFTER the price had already gone up everywhere else but Hawaii to $2,395.

    Although honestly, in the end, you can't really call spending $1,950 on a bag a deal. lol
  13. I just bought a classic flap bag for $434 (after all the conversion fees) from a well known recycle shop in Japan. It's my first Chanel and I can't wait to go pick it up when I go there in January.
  14. I'm not sure if anything is ever a "DEAL" when it comes to Chanel! :biggrin: I guess the only thing that I can volunteer as having gotten a "deal" on was when I snagged a Paris Biarritz tote that was pretty much brand new for $900 shipped? That is about 40% off the retail..
  15. I think the hands down best deal I've ever heard of was the TPF'er who found the pink caviar classic flap for $60 in excellent condition at Salvation Army.