Can everyone please...

  1. photos of themselves with their Chloes? :yes: I've typically gone the gucci, LV, fendi route and the Edith was my first Chloe and I loooooooove the leather. :love:

    I am thinking the Paddington is next! I know that when I was looking for my Edith I wanted a scrumply, pebbled one as there are a lot of leather variations out there. I could have easily ended up with a stiff, smooth Edith. Is there a lot of variations in the leather on the Paddington or is the model pretty much uniform?

    Photos please!!
  2. I will take some pics of me with may paddy when my DH gets home, and will post them later. I am just in love with my Mousse! There are definitely variations on the leather of the paddy, mine is scrumply (not too stiff) and the leather is TDF!