Can Epi bags be repaired?

  1. I don't normally buy preloved bags, but lilac is one of my all time fav colors and I found an epi speedy in lilac that I'm dying for but it's in pretty bad shape....I'm willing to adopt it lol if I can repair her but I know absolutely nothing about the epi
  2. What specifically is the damaged part to be repaired?
  3. The inside doesn't bother me much, it's more the piping on the outer part is scratched and peeling, there are marks and stitching coming apart on the side pocket....too much to repair or try to?
  4. Yes - LV can repair epi.

    My friend had her red epi alma get wet, and then someone in the coat check jammed something sharp up against her alma - so there was a bit scratch right down one side of her alma! It was devastating!! She took it to LV, who managed to match the red perfectly and replace the entire side of the bag... You wouldn't know it had been repaired!
  5. Oh wow, what a relief D: I hope your friend got some form of compensation??
  6. If they can repair it ,I imagine it would be quite costly.
  7. No, no compensation... sometimes it is easier to let things go, then to spend 12 months fighting it... :biggrin:
  8. Ouch, that sucks! You're right, sometimes its better to just leave it but is still, the repair can't have been cheap >,<
  9. Yes, LV can generally repair Epi...but it can be quite costly.
  10. I brought a pre-loved black Epi last year and it's generally in good conditon except for one of the side buckles, the leather it is attached to is wearing out. I can still use it and it's not very noticeable but I did bring it to my local store to inquire how much it will cost to repair it. They told me they will have to remove the entire leather strip down the side of the bag and replace it and will cost approx. $190! I've decided to hold off for