Can epi 4 keypouch store car keys?

  1. Isit possible to store my toyota car key in LV epi 4 keys pouch?Will it make pouch look fat??
  2. I can fit my car key in with no problem. I have two other keys I carry too. And they fit great! The keyfob doesn't fit though, I leave that hanging out.

  3. I was wondering the same thing. I have a Honda key that's got the big plastic body on with with buttons for lock/unlock of doors and trunk, and panic button. It's quite hefty.
  4. I have a 4 key holder and my Mitsubishi car key (and remote clicker) are too fat to fit in the holder... But I am okay with it, I leave them hanging outside the key holder.

  5. The way u hang it is nice!!:tup:
  6. But which of the 2 is more practical for storing car key?
  7. i think they are both practical...the epi one would be more everyday.
  8. A vernis key pouch would be nice!
  9. Do most of u store yr car keys in a cles or key holder
  10. does your car keys also have a remote (security)?

    If so, yeah, the keypouch would not work

    Neither will keys which have the security stuff on it. The keys are just too bulky.

    The 4 or 6 keyring pouches are (IMO) only good for housekeys .
  11. I have an epi 6 key holder and have a toyota keyless remote and it fits perfectly with my house keys.