Can dogs only get pregnant when they are in heat?

  1. I don't know much about this topic that's why i ask....can girl dogs only get pregnant when they are on their period or can they get pregnant any time of the year? just out of curiosity!
  2. Yes, she can only get pregnant when she is in heat.
  3. Most females will only do it when they're in heat. Otherwise, she'll just try to attack the male if he tries to hop on.
  4. Female dogs are just like female humans. The "period" or bleeding is the precursor to the fertile time where their eggs have been released. Female dogs only are fertile twice a year or approximately every six months.
  5. i ask because i have a girl dog but she isn't fixed yet...and even though she isn't in heat she loves to hump everything!
  6. Humping is a dominance behavior.
  7. She can only get pregnant when she's in heat, unlike human females who ovulate between periods.

    Humping is a act of dominance in female dogs. I would discourage it.
  8. Absolutely, this is an act of dominance. (My sister's Schnauzer humps his bed..that'll show it who's boss.)