Can Deauville be a diaper bag?

  1. :tender:Hey gurls,

    I own a mono deauville, but haven't been using it, so i've been hoping to sell it to fund other bags... But i'll be needing a diaper bag in the near year, when our baby arrives...
    I was just thinking, with all the compartments in the deauville...

    Can the deauville be used as a diaper bag? :rolleyes:

    I'll be a first time mommy, so i have no idea what you'll have to take with you in a diaper bag...

    Thanks~~ :flowers:
  2. you could use it, but there might be times when you'll need one with a shoulder strap because your hands will be full with the new baby, carseat, stroller and other things.
  3. I agree....I always had a diaper bag with shoulder straps.
  4. You will want shoulder bags once you have your baby. Hand-held becomes virtually impossible! Batginolles Horizontal works pretty well.
  5. I think the Deauville could be used as a baby bag....the lining is washable and you can easily clean up any spills. There are 4 roomy wall pockets and plenty of space. You can even add the shoulder strap, as the hardware on the Deauville is made to add a strap to it. I use my Deauville when I travel, but it does get really weighed down and heavy, but it's a very versatile bag.
  6. i've thought about the handsfree issue...but i was just thinking instead of sellling it and buying a new bag, hoping to get some use out of my deauville...
    i guess i should wait till baby comes then decide if i can live with whether or not i can use a handheld baby bag
  7. I've never held a Deauville but I agree with everyone about getting the strap, but also- is it heavy because it looks like it is and with everything you'll be lugging around if it is a heavy bag to begin with it might be a bit much.
  8. New to the Purse Forus, but this is exactly what I bought my Deauville for! It made a fabulous diaper bag, and I love that it now makes a great handbag.

    There are plenty of compartments and places to srtash stuff, and I used to tuck it in the basket of my DD's stroller. Worked fine.

    I will say that it worked better whn both of my girls were just a little older, requiring less stuff. If you still need 3-4 changes of clothes, it will be a tight squeeze, but if you need a few diapers, some bottles/formula, a few receiving blankets, and your is ideal. Looks nice, totally functional, doesn't have some crappy Winnie-the-pooh crap all over it. :p

    I would hold off and see what you think once your kiddo has arrived. :smile:

    Congrats, by the way!!!:yahoo:
  9. I think it would work great becasue it has lots of great inside pockets perfect size for bottles and diapers and its way more durable than the minilin ones. You could even get your babies initials hetastamped on the luggage tag and change it out if you had another child and so forth. (like those birthstone necklaces)
  10. Absolutely! Kate Moss used her Birkin as a diaper bag! I think this is a very cute idea
  11. GREAT IDEA! ITA! :yes:
  12. Sure,why not
  13. Size yes, but the fact that it's not a shoulder bag may be inconvenient...perhaps you can buy a shoulder strap for it?
  14. Im a mother of two and i could'nt imagine not having a shoulder strap on my diaper bag. Not only is it hand held but once you fill it with all your baby needs bottles, wipes, diapers etc. i think it would be a little heavy to carry.
  15. I voted no because it lacks a shoulder strap. It was essential for me.