Can "cuts" in box leather be repaired by H?

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  1. Hello -

    There is a box calf bag I am eyeing from a re-seller but it has some "cuts" in the leather on the corner. The seller said there are about four of them. She said she thought they could be fixed by H, but am looking to you guys to find out if that is accurate. She said they are superficial and not go through the leather deeply.


    As always, thanks!:heart::yes:

  2. yikes the word cuts and Hermes in the same sentence gives me a migraine!
  3. Sounds like "cracking"? I've been told by the craftsman that cracking can't be fixed.
  4. I dunno if that can be fixed.... :confused1:
  5. Cuts, I doubt it. Box refurbishes beautifully, but within reason. It really applies to superficial scratches.
  6. I believe that any superficial scratches can be "cleaned" up but cracking cannot be fixed. But it's not going to come back looking like new though... I sent my havane HAC in for a treatment before and though it came back a lot nicer, the scratches do not completely disappear...
  7. I'd take a "pass" at a bag with cracking or "cuts" in the leather. Hold out for something in better condition.....