Can curvy girls wear belts over clothes? How to dress hour glass figure?

  1. I know this might sound stupid, but I'm not sure if us curvy girls can do the whole belt- over-clothes look. Where you live do you see curvy girls doing this? Do you need to have a small bust/flat stomach for this to look good? :confused1:

    Also - should short-waisted people avoid this look?

    I'm having trouble finding clothes that are flattering as I have a true hourglass figure -bust and hips measure the same and waist is about 10 inches smaller. Recently lost weight and am trying to step up my style game.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I have an hour glass shape and I can NOT pull off the belt over clothes look at all! It looks horrible on me! I wish I was able to wear it, but its just not flattering to my figuer at all.

    I do think short waisted people should avoid it these styles. Good luck.
  3. It depends on where your curves are and how your weight is distrubuted. If you have a big bust and a less than flat belly, forget about it. Definitely do NOT want attention drawn there. I tried on an elastic belt once and my skin was actually spilling over the belt. It was not a good moment for me.
  4. I can't really pull that look off. I'm 5'0" and have big hips. It's like the belt takes up my whole waist. Maybe it looks okay to other people but I feel really wide with a big belt over my clothing.
  5. i think it depends on your height too! short waisted people should definetely stay away from this look...

    another alternative is to wear the belt under the bust instead of on the hips.. that draws attention to the right areas =D

    personally, i love this style!!
  6. its a height/body style combination that makes it look good. my sister and i are about the same height and weight but i have a true hourglass figure and shes a little boxier. looks great on me and terrible on her. Its really about knowing what works for you. I do think that if your curvy it depends on where your curves are, if its all tushy and boobs, it looks good; if its all in ur tummy, not so good ;)
  7. I'm hourglass and I do it :shrugs:

    It makes my waist look tiny and my legs look long, which I love. I just make sure I'm wearing pants with a wider leg, and I think it looks better if the belt is up higher...

    eta- I'm fairly short waisted, but I'm not short. I think it might look odd on a very short person if the belt was too wide. My belt is about 4-5" and I'm 5'7 so it works...
  8. Personally I don't have a flat belly and I'm overweighted so I just avoid it! I also avoid too long t-shirt and pullover because they make my belly more noticeable! This winter is quite hard for me to find nice cloths because of the skinny + long tees and pullovers... :push:
    In the end I say: don't wear what makes you uncomfortable!
  9. I wear this style and am curvy. I think I look nice (and get lots of compliments) but if you want to pm for a link to my style diary, you can judge for yourself.
  10. I can do it... but I'm also quite tall. It actually really accentuates my waist which is pretty tiny. I think it's a proportion thing rather than any real right/wrong answer.
  11. This is what I do. I usually wear it with tops that kind of flair out so it looks like I have a smaller waist (I have a huuuuge bust so no need to enhance that haha) but then my mid-section is camo. It looks super cute! Also it works better w/ medium/small width belts. The big ones tend to make you look worse. Oh and fold over... NOT A GOOD LOOK!
  12. oh gosh!! im a shorty and i def cannot do this look. One of my really good friends is curvy but she's waaaay taller than me, and she looks soo cute wearing her belt with her top. For me? Heck no, i think the belt just emphasizes how wide i am. But yeah, if you feel good and looks good, rock it!!!!
  13. Bump this thread, I'm surprised that we are so few with hourglass figure...

    So my bust measure 36, my waist 24, and my hips 38 inches, but I'm not meaty/round, I don't have boobs or butt, I just have a big ribcage and wide hipbones. If I lose some weight I will have a smaller waist but the rest don't change due to a wide frame. I also have extremely short torso, and wide belts just cover almost all my torso and make me look wide and chunky, and totally akward. So far I stick to higher waist pants (never hipsters, I look ridiculous) in cigarette line, high waist skirts, and button down shirts with funky sleeves (puffy) to draw attention upward and not on my bottom.
    I wear long necklaces because they elongate by drawing attention to the middle, and I also adore cardis that are always open for the same reason, the draw attention in the middle..
  14. ITA! I'm 5'4" and I see the belted look a lot, but I can't wear it on the lower part of my waist/hips unless it was beneath the belly button, but I definitely do the belt under the bust look because it makes my waist look really small and thats always a plus!
  15. ^^ITA as well. I am 5'2...buxom and lots of rear and that is how I wear my belt. I am also short waisted and makes my waist look longer.