Can credit cards fit into the miroir hearts?? has anyone tried yet???

  1. my SA has confirmed that he can get one for me and as soon as i know credit cards can fit into the purse, i'll go to the store to pay for it.. he's not working this couple of days and he cant check for me.. has anyone any idea?? thanks in advance!!:yes:
  2. Credit Card won't fit inside. Sorry.
  3. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  4. i broke a corner off mhy id to make it fit. now my id is lopsided, but i will fit!
  5. thanks! i went to the store to try it and it cant fit it.. but i stil paid for it anyways.. cant wait to lay my hands on it. my SA said it'll only arrive in 2 weeks.. :smile: thanks for the advice! appreciate it!
  6. tis beautiful, but not very useful...they will carry money, coins and not much else.
    Yet, I'm still looking forward to picking mine up!
  7. Definetly not
  8. It's funny, because the hearts actually look pretty big from the outside. Bigger than I thought they would be. But the shape make it tough to use for a lot of things, including credit cards/ID. Folded pieces of paper/money would fit, coins of course. My Bluetooth headset fits in there. I have an older generation iPod Shuffle that fits, including the headphones. It's too bad they aren't _slightly_ bigger to fit credit cards. That would be great!