Can courchevel be restored?

  1. I am considering a reseller's Trim that is lovely except it has some small wear marks on the corners. It's courchevel. Can courchevel be restored to look near new, or at least less obviously dinged?

    I know it's not like box, but with dye, etc....can Claude and Manuela work their magic on dinged courchevel corners?
  2. I think they could touch up the colour on the corners, but as far as refurbing it like some other leathers, I don't think any bad rubbing can be fixed.

    We need HG to chime in here!
  3. It sounds like you're saying the grain is worn down. This is difficult to return to new and is pretty true for any textured leather.
  4. ^^^This is a GREAT QUESTION? I am planning on dropping off my courchevel at the SPA? I will let you know if it can be, but it may take another 8 weeks??:confused1:
  5. I've just picked up my Courchevel Gold Kelly from the spa (it's 16 years old!) and they've done a great job: no more scuffs on the corners and it has an all over lovely polished look; I'm very pleased!
  6. That is great news! I have a courchevel birkin in for cleaning and now hope for the best. Thanks for posting this great thread!
  7. ^^^THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!! Thanks for letting us know.:heart:
  8. Oh YAY! Thanks everyone for the great news! :smile:
  9. Duna, you just made my day. Remember we have twin Kellys... I haven't used mine (nearly 6 years old) much so it's still looking pretty good, but now I know for sure I can use it more with confidence.