Can conditioners actually mend split ends?

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  1. And how does it work?? I have tons of split ends from dying my hair and I'm trying to grow it out and don't want to have to keep trimming it all the time:Push: I tried out this new hair lotion tonight that promises to end split ends but is that actually possible?

  2. I don't think anything can actually mend the split bet is to keep up on your trimming while you grow out.

    What products do you use? If you color your hair you really should invest in good hydrating products. I use Alterna Caviar and it's fantastic.
  3. ...actually the only way to treat split ends is to trim them off. Even the best products won't mend them...perhaps only smooth them down temporarily.

    Hair is so fragile when wet, so just take extra care to not be too rough on it when putting it in a towel or combing it while wet...just be gentle to avoid more breakage until the part you want grown out is gone.
  4. I don't htink so. However conditioners can help to prevent them :yes:
  5. Use a serum to mend split ends. Conditioners do not mend, they prevent or minimize that from happening.
  6. I don't think they can actually mend them; it's more like they make them look better temporarily. I believe the only way to get rid of them is to trim regularly, and avoid further breakage by deep-conditioning at least once a week.

    I know it blows to get your hair cut when you're meaning to grow it out, but it's the best you can do. My ends were completely destroyed after I bleached my hair so I just took the plunge and cut it *short*. I went from past-shoulder lenght to the Pob! There was nothing I could do after the first couple of snips, so I just learnt to live with it and watch my hair grow back healthily :P
  7. NOTHING mends split ends... trim them!
    and i agree with missmustard, conditioners and serums make them look better temporarily...
  8. I don't think even a serum would mend split ends, as Sophie Rose says, you have to cut them off once they're split and concentrate on nourishing the hair shaft so that they don't split again... or at least not as badly.

  9. you can just snip away at them when you're bored, but conditioner really doesn't help with splits that are already there. Try using treatments to prevent more though
  10. Bumble and Bumble brillantine helps smooth split ends till u r getting it cut....
  11. ull have to get a haircut first then start using conditioners after shampooing ur hair :smile:
  12. True, but what if you have short cropped dyed hair with split ends, that's trimmed twice a month you'd need something to mend the ends between trips to the salon, can't keep cutting it everyday. A split end mender serum would be your best bet.
  13. they can smooth them down temporarily but to prevent them from splitting again you can put any heat on it (so that eliminates styling)

    If you do have split ends, and its pretty obvious that you have them, your best bet is to chop off the no good strands that you have now, and then start over with this hair lotion that you have.
  14. NO!! you have to get your hair trimmed on a regular basis, a good cut followed by trims every 8-12 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.
  15. i guess you can cut and use serum to prevent