Can Coach special order a ring size for me??

  1. I saw a ring in the latest (I think the latest-- a woman I work with brought it in) Coach catalog and I saw a ring that I have fallen in love with. However the smallest size available is a 6 as it states as well as the rings on the Coach website. I'm a size 4.5 in a ring size. I MIGHT be able to fit a 5 on my middle finger but I don't think so.

    Has anyone gotten a special size made for them and is that possible? I plan to call the day after Christmas. They are probably open until 6 but I'm paranoid they'd be too busy as it's X-Mas eve to really help me and I figure I'd ask to see if it's even been done for anyone else.

    The ring is not made of metal or anything, it's made of some type of plastic material if that matters. I don't know if someplace else could size it for me if it's made of that...

  2. Oh no, nobody has said anything. Coach can't get me a special ring size...? Has anyone ever asked at least? I'm going to call them tomorrow evening. I'm dying to know what my chances are of them being able to do it. I need a size and a half smaller than the smallest size they carry of this ring I want listed starting at size 6.
  3. I'm thinking this won't be able to be sized and they only carry the one size. You could try to get one of those clear vinyl ring-sizer inserts to make a ring that is too large more your size?
  4. Yeah, I agree with tanukiki. You could call Coach and ask them. Otherwise there are inserts that can downsize your ring. Would it fit on your ring finger or would that drive you nuts on that one? My ring finger used to be a 4.5 and it was a pain to find rings to fit. That was when I was a teen, now I'm way older and wear an easier to find 6.5 to 7. I hope you can work it out!
  5. 4.5! god i've got fat fingers, i wear an 8.5/9...... I would call JAX and see if they can do anything...
  6. Honey keep in mind that the rings run small. I wear a 7.5 in normal rings and I cant even wear a 8 in our rings. I do know that the company doesnt do special orders. So I mean you could call and ask, but I dont think you are going to get what you are looking for.
  7. The rings made by Coach are made out of sterling silver and the gold ones are gold plated brass so there is no way you are going to be able to get them sized. I highly doubt that they will take a special order for them as they most likely have casts made that they make them out of and for them make a special cast just for your size they wouldn't do it. If you buy the smallest size available you could try a ring guard so it won't slip off your finger or a plastic insert.

  8. If they run on the small side, she may be able to wear a 6. I'd suggest you try them on in a boutique. You may find that they actually fit you after all!
  9. I will probably go there tomorrow at this point because I really would love this ring. I hope they have this ring in the boutique already. Does anyone know about the most recent catalog and if the things in it are actually in the boutique? Because that's where I saw it. I could always return if it doesn't fit but I don't want to go through too much trouble. I suppose a ring guard would work but I hope I find one that would work best with this ring. It's plastic and chunky and I don't want scratches, etc. I've never used a ring guard before... but would be willing to in order to wear this ring!