Can Coach price lower than their authorized dealers, like $100 less?

  1. Wow, I bought a few bags at Dillards and was so excited because I got one I have been wanting and they were having a great sale. When I got pat myself of the back I got on just to see the details they have listed for the handbag and the retail price on-line Coach is around $100 less for MSRP. I went back to Dillards and found over 14 bags which were priced ALOT over
    Please tell me if MSRP at Dillards for idential bag should be priced at be alot LESS! I planned on talking to the Dillards manager but I don't think she will be too happy knowing that Coach is undercutting her price at Dillards.
    I could swear that the handbag I wanted on Coach WAS the price I saw at Dillards but now its alot less....
    Does anyone know if Coach dropped their prices by ALOT recentlt and
    and can Coach undercut the price of their authorized dealers?
    If anyone knows the answers please post.
  2. which bag was it specifically, they marked down some bags and the retail stores may not have caught up. these would include one of the hampton's bags, the medium ergo and more...
  3. isn't MSRP the same no matter what? I got one on sale, then they had a SUPER sale....and I wrote down all the numbers they had on sale to check how much they were being sold Dillards said they don't ever CHANGE TAGS for Coach handbags, they do MARK DOWNS, but can't change MFSRP, and she was shocked I could have gotten it cheaper at Coach than at Dillards with their sale. I am not sure what is going on..and when I mentioned this to Dillards she wanted to look into it. I can get back to you with the numbers in the next day or two to find my list and let you know the huge price difference.
  4. When the prices dropped Macy's marked the bags down immediately. Strange that Dillards did not do the same!
  5. COACH changed the MSRP just before the Holidays. There was no way for them to change tags there were on bags in retail stores.
  6. I know that in Hawaii, Macy's marks up Coach 25-30%. They may be doing that in your area too. It's not that Coach is undercutting Dillard's prices... Dillard's is probably marking it up. If you look at their tags, the MSRP is usually replaced by a dept store tag, and you can't even tell the suggested price is supposed to be lower.
  7. :push:Wow, I didn't know you could mess with MFSRP and this is on the Coach label not any other label. So, when Coach drops their prices, or mfsrp and changes their prices on it, and it is NOT a sale on Coach, then the deparment stores have a sale on them and sale them at a large discount? Or does Coach send them new tags, which sounds rediculous to me, but when the Coach tags I have on the handbags say retails for $329 and now on Coach it says retail is $248(example), it seems ALOT CONFUSING TO ME.
    Suggested retail price stays the same I thought no matter where it is at, at Coach or a Deparment Store.

    Either way....
    God blessed me with a great Sale at Dillards on NEW YEARS DAY...and I am so happy.
    :wlae:I prayed to find Coach... either on sale, at a great price, either at a department store or at Coach.....and I did.
    :boxing:if you were at this sale you would know it was crazy! Men and women were I called my hubby and said...come help..he was shocked I was calling him from Dillards and asking for his help to buy a few handbags...
    he came...and helped me keep my order straight.
    :heart:The Dillards girls were so helpful and so patient with me and everyone, the next day I brought 3 of them Coach gifts, and all the others gift certificates to Jamba Juice and if I could have given them more, I would...they had a bunch of us wild Coach lovers attacking the counter.

    If anyone has answers to the MFSRP, write me, cuz I will wonder about this until I get it figured it out.