Can Coach gift cards be redeemed at outlets?

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  1. I want to give one as a gift, but my friend only shops at the Coach outlets. Can you use Coach giftcards at the outlets?? Thanks.
  2. well if i were getting a gift card i would want to use it at a boutique!!!!!
  3. I would also, but she is a mother of 4. She's not the type to spend a bunch of $ on bags, so she likes the Coach outlet, instead of the full-priced bags at the regular Coach stores.
  4. well why not encourage her to use the gc at a boutique to experience the 'special feeling' you get there, and get some cute accessories instead???
  5. that way she can see all the cute stuff they have, and get some small things to dress up her bags with...i know that would cheer me up for a present!!!
  6. yes they can
  7. to answer your question...

    Coach gift cards can be used at BOTH.


    and, IMO, there is nothing wrong with shopping at the Coach outlet. It's no less cute than in the boutique...just cheaper. :graucho: Personally, I hate paying retail...and have gotten some AMAZING deals on bags at outlets...and that includes legacy bags.
  8. ^^^ She's right about that, there is nothing wrong with the fact that she wants to get her bags from the outlet since they have some crazy good deals.
    I just pointed out since it's free money to her she may want to experience the boutique and get a cute accessory as an alternative!? Since sometimes they get cute things in that take FOREVER to go to an outlet...that is the only frustrating thing.
  9. Thank you all for your quick responses!:tup:
  10. Until I started shopping at the boutiques here in TX, I never really got that 'special feeling' at the boutiques. I did get it in the outlets in MD and DE. They have some wonderful SAs whereas the SAs at the boutiques that I visited were kind of so- so and one was even kind of snotty. Don't get me wrong, I love shopping in the boutique but I also love the outlets and if I had one closer than 3-4 hours away, I'd do most of my buying there probably.
  11. I think it all depends on each SA as their own customer service skills
    I agree with Tanukiki that some of the SAs are extremely nice in both boutiques and the factory stores.. and some are really a big "jerk".. I have experienced with both.. :shrugs:
  12. Yep! They can be used at the outlet!
  13. I don't see why it wouldn't be able to be used at both. I would love to use a gift card at the outlet! You can get more for your buck ;)