Can Coach Forum get:

  1. Hey Vlad and Megs and mods,

    I was just wondering if the Coach Forum could get like a subforum or sticky the bag "showcase" because I really like how organized the LV is and how theirs set up with pics all in one and then comments in the other.

  2. i agree. the coach forum is just soooooo messy!
  3. Did Coach get a mod yet -- did I miss the news, LOL?
  4. no we dont have a mod yet which is why there is soooooo many posts on the same topic (pce) because know one uses the search function. plus there were about 5 "pce pics" and its just soooo in need of a clean up right now.
  5. i think, during the last thread about coach getting a mod, they said we could get a clubhouse/showcase once we got a mod. but i don't think anything will happen until we get a mod (which we desperately need, as you know).
  6. ^^i agree...the place is a mess right now.
  7. its too messy for me and eventhough i keep saying something about doing board searches and posting in the proper area i just think that because there is no visibly designated area people just post without thinking twice about it and its too chaotic right now. we need, again NEED, a mod that can stay on top of it. Pretty please :heart:
  8. exactly. we've ALL been saying to do searches and pointing people in the right direction of where to post...but that certainly is not helping.

    it should, however, die down this week since pce was over today. then maybe it won't be so chaotic!
  9. ^^^ hope youre right
  10. ^^I hope so, its just so crazy, I'm so anal about clutter that I can't focus!
  11. I agree, I haven't been posting much in the coach forum because it's so cluttered.
  12. i think it has so much potential, but, i myself get really tired of the mess and trying to say nicely "put it in this thread" or why on earth did you start this new topic when a page over its been forum needs a facelift.
  13. oh, seriously. if i EVER post in another forum, i ALWAYS make sure my topic has not been discussed. it sucks to post in an old thread, but i'm sure it's much appreciated!
  14. Coach is gonna get lots of loving soon, hang in there ladies.
  15. thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!